10 Beard Styles for Black Men


10 Beard Styles for Black Men 

Fashion accessory trend,beard has become a must for men. In advertisements, in the cinema, in celebrities, the beard is a real weapon of seduction. Mustache, goatee, goat, balbo, van dyke, women are more and more fond of bearded men.

For your wedding or at a party or ceremony, do not hesitate to take inspiration from this list of beards. It’s up to you to choose the style of beard that will highlight your face and that blends perfectly with your personality.

  • 1) Full Beard.

Full beard is a beard, which covers the cheeks, the neck and the chin. The advantage of this beard is that it goes with all types of face. You decide the length and shape of the beard you desire. In addition, the beard brings a touch of manhood. And the women succumb to clean, well-trimmed beards. If you want to have a full beard, just let it grow.

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  • 2) Short beard (10 days beard)

Today we are going to talk about Short beard. Short beard is a real beard, which embraces the whole face and its length is about 3 to 5 mm. Indeed, the short beard is a reference for many men. The men wait 10 days, so that their beards reach 5 to 12 mm. Then decide to carve it, clean and worked.

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  • 3) Goatee

Goatee beard is actually a goatee and a mustache that surround the mouth. The combination of the goatee and the mustache is one of the most popular models of the beard. The shape of the goatee and the mustache is oval, slightly rounded. It must surround your mouth and your chin.

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  • 4) Pencil Beard 

Pencil beard or chin curtain  is a band of hair, more or less broad, which goes from one ear to the other following the contours of the face.

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  • 5) Goatee beard without mustache. 

Goatee is a small beard under the chin that can take many forms. It can be fine or smaller. The difference between the goatee and the goat is that it is worn without a mustache.

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  • 6) Balbo (Goatee with mustache)

It’s another style of goatee. But, in this particular case, we observe a goatee with a mustache, which does not meet.
Goatee is a small beard under the chin that can take many forms. It can be fine or smaller. When the goatee is very short, it is called a goatee.

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  • 7) 3 days beard 

3 days beard is a very sexy beard style for men. To obtain it, nothing is simpler, avoid shaving for a day or two. You will have short hairs, which occupy the face, for a falsely neglected style.

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  • 8) Without Beards.

You’re tired of your beard and you want to change style, do not hesitate and shave everything.

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  •  9) Anchor or Balbo.

Anchor or balbo beard is composed of a handlebar mustache, a goat and a collar that is cut in the shape of an anchor.

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  • 10) Van Dyke.

It is a beard that takes its name from the famous Flemish portraitist painter Anthony Van Dyke. It is formed of a pointed beard with a mustache and fly well provided and well sculpted.

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 What is your favorite beard style?


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