7 Stylish Ways to Wear Men’s Bandana


7 Stylish Ways to Wear Men’s Bandana

A bandana is a must-have fashion accessory, unisex, classic and timeless, which is very practical to assert your style and change your look all year long. Very useful and easy to use, you can wear it in many different ways.
The name “bandana” comes from Hindi “bandhana” which means to tie and tie. This little piece of square or triangular fabric with paisley print has been worn for years by men and women around the world. It can both bring a touch of elegance or a more rock style to your look.
In rappers or gangsters, the way the bandana is tied up represents the group or gang to which it belongs. In America, to protect themselves from dust, cowboys put a bandana around their necks. In musicians, guitarists or bassists wear bandana on the wrist, to keep the joints warm and to avoid sweat pouring on their hands.

In addition to its own practical functions, the bandana is more often the embodiment of fashion and personality. With the development of the times, many fashionistas also like to use different accessories to decorate bandanas and express their individuality. Thus, the unique custom enamel pins set off a trend. Attaching the pins to the bandana will make you look absolutely stunning. Whether you’re a singer, cowboy, guitarist, or belong to another group, custom pins can be designed to reflect who you are, which is one of the reasons it’s so popular. In addition to being worn on the bandana, these enamel pins can also be worn directly on clothes, hats, and even shoes. Not only will the pins work as fashion accessories, but also they are a symbol of status and identity when wearing the pin with a certain group’s logo.

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What are the different ways to wear the bandana?

  • 1/ Bandana on the head

(with simple bow, bow, headband or head wrap)
For a cool and casual look, the bandana can be worn on or around the head. For a rock style or streetwear Tupac style, bandana on the head is an excellent choice to assert its look. The musicians, the actors love this little square accessory with paisley print.

  • 2/ Bandana around the neck

Many men wear the bandanna around their necks because this is the easiest way to put it on.
For a dandy-gentleman look, some men wear the bandana around their necks. This gives a touch of elegance to your outfit.
But it can also bring a casual and fun touch depending on how you tie it to your neck. Depending on the length, you can just put it around your neck or tie it.

  • 3/ Bandana around wrist bracelet

We advise you to wrap it and tie it around the wrist and why not make a bracelet
For a casual and bold style, you can put the bandana around the wrist and why not make a bracelet for a touch of subtlety. It’s a simple and elegant way to wear it.

  • 4/ Bandana around the waist

When you wear the bandanna around the waist. This will accentuate your outfit in a subtle way. It’s a comfortable and easy way to wear it. You can either store it in a pocket or around the belt by attaching it to a buckle to secure it, simply hook it to a passerby of your pants.

  • 5/ Bandana around the ankle or feet

For a casual look, you can wear a bandanna around the leg, near the ankle or towards the foot. We saw a bandanna ankle trend in the 90s, and this season is back.

  • 6/ Bandana as a pocket square

A simple bandana can be used as a backup pouch. It is thus folded and placed in the pocket of your jacket for a quick and easy touch. Perfect for elegant and casual occasions.

  • 7/ Bandana in front of your face

Rappers and gangs wear the bandana in front of the face, around the mouth. To protect themselves from dust, cowboys wear the bandana around their mouth and neck, in front of their face.

4 advantages of wearing a bandana

  • 1 / Bandana makes it possible to change its look
  • 2 / It is useful to assert and get a maximum of style
  • 3 / This little scarf is worn for protection purposes. For example to protect yourself from dust or cold.
  • 4 / To bring a touch of decoration to your outfit.

What is your favorite style?

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