Shiny Iris’s “Rester positif” ep is available on all platforms

Shiny Iris’s “Rester positif” ep is available on all platforms

On December 8, 2023, singer Shiny Iris released her first colorful Ep, entitled “Rester positif”. This 6-track mini album is supported by the single of the same name. The video clip was directed by Tristan Scharwitzel and has racked up over 40,000 views and 11,000 likes on YouTube. It was shot at studio capsule 09 and at l’Estaque, northwest of Marseille, with the participation of model Gahlry.

Who is Shiny Iris?

Shiny Iris is a French-Congolese singer, blogger and songwriter from the south of France, with a tropical pop style. She is one of the ambassadors of the Original Ethnik brand. She arrived in Nice at the age of 6. Although she misses her roots, she has decided to pay tribute to them through her music, fusing French and Lingala, tropical pop and Afro-beat, reggae and r’n’b with Latin and gospel.

She has been singing since she was very young. She toured the stages of Nice, performing mainly cover versions, before settling in Marseille and taking a new path. There, she learned to play guitar, wrote her first lyrics and teamed up with several arrangers and composers for her very first tropical pop project. If the main themes in Shiny’s lyrics are love, family, disability, faith, hope or simply hope, it’s above all to get a positive message across.

What’s the single “Rester positif” (stay positif) about?

This title is about a person who is going through a very difficult time in his life. Depression, fatigue, her mental health is severely affected by the pressures and trials of her daily life. Despite this whirlwind of darkness, this person tries to stay positive whatever the cost, fighting with all his might to realize his dreams, his projects and emerge victorious from this battle of life.

How would you describe the “Staying positive” ep?

The “Rester positif” ep is a colorful album of 6 tracks in different styles. It’s a musical journey into tropical pop. Pop music blends with reggae, afro-beat, r’n’b, Latin and gospel. This mini album features :

  • 1/ Rester positif
  • 2/ Si loin de toi
  • 3/ Mama
  • 4/ Amour
  • 5/ Chauffer Chauffer
  • 6/ Yahweh Nalingi Yo

This Ep is available on all platforms and can be purchased in the Original Etnik store.

You can listen to her album and buy it here:

How can I describe her music?

Shiny’s music is a blend of languages, cultures and rhythms. She gently shares this journey with us, with the sole aim of bringing a positive attitude!

Where does she find her inspiration?

She draws her inspiration from personal experience. In this mini album, she declares:

No matter what difficulties we go through. We must keep our faith in God and persevere and fight for our dreams.”

Even if we find ourselves in complicated life situations where it feels like our world is falling apart. You have to stay positive and keep believing in the good things in life.”

The “Rester positif” clip – Shiny Iris

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