8 Popular Women’s Jean Styles That Will Influence Dressing This Year


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8 Popular Women’s Jean Styles That Will Influence Dressing This Year

For spring/summer 2024, designers maintained a minimalist approach to everyday wear,
enhancing practical pieces with subtle design elements and precise silhouettes for a touch
of luxury. Denim remained a cornerstone, with designers like Proenza Schouler and Loewe
infusing classic styles with innovative details, such as double-layered waistbands and
exaggerated silhouettes. At Gucci, Sabato De Sarno’s debut featured indigo baggy jeans
paired with crystal-adorned knitwear, while shorts emerged as a dominant trend, with
brands like Alexander McQueen and Valentino reviving interest in denim short-shorts and
Bermudas. Whether it’s tailored seams or crystal embellishments, these trends are set to
influence our wardrobe choices for the next year.

Flare Jeans

Women’s flare jeans are a timeless essential, suitable for various styles and preferences.
From bold flares to understated ones, they effortlessly elevate any outfit. Pair with a
ribbed tank, oversized blazer, and statement heels for an effortlessly chic ensemble.

Cuffed Jeans
To master the Cuffed Jeans Trend, opt for a big cuff. Aim for a single fold, about 3-6 inches
long. Wide-leg jeans rock big cuffs, but straight-leg ones can pull it off too! To secure the
cuff, you could sew & iron, but I prefer pinning it inside or using a hem stitch gun—it’s
temporary, which is perfect. Then, rock the jeans long with heels or cuffed.

Wide-Leg Jeans
Loose-Fit Jeans boast a snug waist, gracefully widening from the hips downward,
maintaining a chic aesthetic. Undoubtedly, they stand out as the safest choice for the
current year. Whether it’s a deep or light wash, high or low-rise, this style is incredibly
versatile, with even cropped versions being viable. Furthermore, it serves as an excellent
introduction to the realm of relaxed-fit denim. Experiment by opting for a larger size to
achieve that desired loose appearance.

The Straight-Leg Jean
Lately, the classic Nineties straight-leg jeans have solidified their place as a must-have
item that remains popular in 2024.
Straight-leg jeans offer the appeal of vintage while guaranteeing a perfect fit through
rigorous testing. Over the past quarter at NET-A-PORTER, searches for this style have
surged by 115% compared to the previous three months.
Wondering how to wear them? Once you’ve secured a quality pair of straight-leg jeans,
ideally high-waisted, they’ll be the cornerstone of your wardrobe.

Dad (or Baggy) Jeans
Dad Jeans have a loose fit, featuring a spacious cut around the hips, waist, and legs,
reminiscent of the’90s aesthetic or the classic Levi’s style. These are my go-to baggy
jeans, often opting for a size up during summer, casually worn low on the hips with flip-
flops. As temperatures drop, I revert to my regular size, pulling them higher on the hips
and pairing them with sneakers, boots, or ballet flats, depending on the weather. There’s
an effortlessly laid-back vibe to this style that I find irresistible.

Barrel Jeans
These jeans typically maintain a straight fit around the waist and hips before widening
significantly around the thighs, then narrowing again towards the hem, resembling the
silhouette of a barrel. Our team is divided in their opinions on this style, but one consensus 

remains: for enthusiasts, these jeans inject a refreshing and stylish vibe into any outfit.
(Count me in the “LOVE” group.)

Dark denim washes
Rich navy hues elevate denim, offering a refined, sophisticated appearance. Several
fashion houses showcased impeccably tailored jeans and separates in these darker
shades. Gucci, Miu Miu, and Helmut Lang are spearheading this movement, notably pairing
the deep wash with a limited color scheme of midnight blue and camel on the catwalk.

Shorts of all forms
In the spring/summer of 2024, shorts became a prominent fashion statement, notably
showcased by brands like Prada, Versace, Miu Miu, and others. Gucci, under Sabato de
Sarno’s guidance, incorporated shorts into its revamped aesthetic. Various styles and
materials graced the collections, ranging from loose denim Bermudas at Valentino to tiny
indigo-wash hot pants at Alexander McQueen. These were paired with coordinated denim
blazers, elevating them beyond typical beachwear.

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