Goatee Beard Style with mustache for Black Men


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How to style your beard?

Goatee Beard Style with mustache for Black Men

Goatee beard is actually a goatee and a mustache that surround the mouth. The combination of the goatee and the mustache is one of the most popular models of the beard.
The shape of the goatee and the mustache is oval, slightly rounded. It must surround your mouth and your chin.

Highlights of this beard
Ideal for those who have good growth in mustache and chin. But also, useful to lengthen the face.
This is a good choice for those with round faces.
In the 1990s, this style of beard was very fashionable. Numerous celebrities in the artistic, cinematographic and sporting world have adopted this style of beard.
This style of beard will suit you perfectly whether you have long, short hair, or a shaved head

How to create and stylize your goat?

  • 1) Let your beard grow to a length of about 3 to 5 mm. Once you have achieved sufficient growth, you can begin pruning.
  • 2) First, put on your mustache and cut the hair over the upper lip. With a good lawnmower, trim the outer edges of your mustache for although it harmonizes with the oval, rounded shape. It is necessary to equalize the beard so that it is very uniform.
  • 3) Then carefully shave the hair from your neck, cheeks (each side of the chin), to make shaving easier.
  • 4) Apply a shaving gel or shaving foam to the cheeks, legs and neck with circular gestures in the opposite direction to the hair growth.
  • 5) Carefully work out the details of your goat. You should know that there are several types of goat, which have different thicknesses.


Maintenance of your goat

Every 3 days, if there are regrowths and your hair becomes too thick or irregular, harmonize the whole with a shaving mower. Do not forget to trim the hair that falls on the upper lip.

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