Pencil Beard Styles for Black Men

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Pencil Beard Styles for Black Men

You want to change your beard style, and the necklace tempts you. The pencil beard  is a band of hair, more or less broad, which goes from one ear to the other following the contours of the face.The Pencil Beard combines the Chinstrap and Circle Beard to outline the jaw and mouth with a half-inch strip of hair. 
How’s it going ?

To have it, just grow the beard to a sufficient length and ensure a very regular size.

The highlights of pencil beard.

  • Pencil beard is suitable for men with a round face.
  • But also, it is suitable for men with square faces, because it softens their face.
  • Its real advantage is that it softens the jaw too square by concealing the pointed chin.
  •  Pencil beard is a very simple style to maintain.

On the other hand, the pencil beard is not for everybody. If you have an elongated face, long or thin, abstain.

How to make a pencl beard?

  • 1) Cut your beard to a length of about 3 to 5 mm, to better sculpt your collar.
  • 2) Define the contours of the collar, going from the middle of the ear to the legs to the middle of the chin.
  • 3) Take your mower. If you have a lawnmower, set it to the 3rd or 4th position.
  • 4) Do not forget to shave the hair on the cheeks and the lower lip closely. You can choose to remove or keep the hair on the mustache (Craig David style).


Maintenance of the collar

If your beard grows very fast, you have to redraw the contours every 2 to 3 days.
It is advisable to mow your beard regularly to maintain the correct length.
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Barbe-beard-50 cent

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Do you like pencil beard style ?


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