Elegant Short Beard Styles for Black Men


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Elegant Short Beard Styles for Black Men

beard has become a real fashion phenomenon. In the advertisements, in the cinema, in the defiles, in the street, many men do not hesitate to wear the beard. True symbol of manhood or hard-to-cook, the beard has become a real asset of charm for men, who wear it.
Not to mention that, according to an Australian study, wearing a beard protects the skin, reducing the risk of cancer, allergies and sunburn.
Today we are going to talk about the short beard in English. The short beard is a real beard, which embraces the whole face and its length is about 3 to 5 mm. Indeed, the short beard is a reference for many men.

How’s it going ?
Men wait 10 days, so that their beards reach 5 to 12 mm. Then decide to carve it, clean and worked.
You can use a shaving mower with a shoe (between 3rd and 5th position) or use a lawnmower with a knob for more precision. For smaller areas, you can also have a razor.

Highlights of the short beard.

  • It is one of the favorite beards of women, for the virile and careful look it gives to men.
  • It is a careful beard and well cut, which requires daily maintenance.
  • It is a simple and elegant beard.
  • It goes particularly well with men who have a square and elongated face.
  • It is suitable for all face shapes.
  • It avoids having a thick amount of hair on the face.

Maintenance of the short beard
Indeed, the short beard requires a permanent maintenance and you must take care of it.
_It is necessary to shave the hair regularly in the neck, to keep control of your look.
_The hairs must be shaved under Adam’s apple.
_The hairs must be stopped at the cheekbones.
_The contours must be precisely defined.



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