Yvonne Nelson: red hair suits her so well


Yvonne Nelson: red hair suits her so well

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson is sublime with red hair. A veritable tornado of fire, she makes us want to take the plunge and dye our hair red.

Red hair fashion has been very much in vogue in recent years. At the catwalks and red carpets, red hair is very popular. It is an atypical hairstyle that brings a rock and glamour side to your look.

Some questions about red hairstyle!

Is red suitable for black and mixed race skins?

Red is an energetic and flashy color, which marries well with black and mixed skins.  It is synonymous with love, passion and glamour.

Why choose this choice of hair colors?

  • First of all, red hair is a bold and atypical hairstyle.
    This color sublimates any woman.
  • The advantage, when you have frizzy hair, is that you can either opt for color, weave, braids or a wig. It’s up to you to choose the ones that suit you best.

What is the constraint of this color?

The choice of reds shades 

Color red is not difficult to wear, but it requires choosing the right shade of red to match your skin tone.

Indeed, you know that there are several shades of red. So, depending on your complexion and skin tone, you should choose the best red color that will make you look your best. For example, you can opt for auburn red, cherry red, bright red, dark red, burgundy, mahogany, auburn shade or red highlights.

How to choose the right shade of red?

To opt for this hair change, you need to determine the shades that will make you look your best.

For this, you have three possible choices:

  • Adopt the wig technique.
  • Use a simulator on the Internet.
  • The best choice is to ask your professional hairdresser for advice. With his experience, he will guide you to choose the right shade of red for your hair.
  • Some women use natural red henna to dye their hair.

  • Crédit photo : Yvonne Nelson


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