Safari Wedding in Africa by Matt & Liezl in Botswana

Safari Wedding in Africa by Matt & Liezl in Botswana

Lush forests, savannah animals, idyllic surroundings, the African continent can be an epic choice for your wedding. So, if you are looking for an epic destination. Why not choose Africa as a dream destination for your special day.

Love story between Matt and Liezl

Matt is a private safari guide to Maun in Africa. He goes out and lives for a while with the beautiful Liezl. One day, when he visits a concession inaccessible because of flood. Matt makes his request to Liezl with witnesses around them the eagles fishermen, the red lechwe and a lazy lizard who monitors the water.

Setting up a Safari wedding by themselves.

Happy lovers decide to plan a vintage Safari wedding in Botswana. But this idea is not easy because most of their guests do not live in Africa. The second problem was that in the small town of Maun there were no wedding services. For this, they rented some items and accessories in South Africa. And the rest from friends and local safari companies.

After choosing their “Vintage Safari in Botswana” wedding theme, they spent a month browsing the internet, saving photos to plan the different stages of their weddings. Decor table, ceremony, flowers, step by step, they assemble the vision of their future marriage.

For the choice of the site in Botswana, they had to set up a small village in the middle of the bush, on an undeveloped land of their friend. It was necessary to clear brush, remove palm branches, bring generators, tents, water tanks. Matt and Liezl have lived a real obstacle course for the organization of their marriage. And the result is beautiful.

Tips for other couples who want to organize a wedding in Africa:

1 / Invest in a wedding planner so that everything goes well.

2 / delegate your tasks to willing friends and have someone to whom providers can contact from the week before the wedding.

3 / Look at other online weddings to inspire you. And also to have a clear idea of what you want. Having a clear mental picture of the atmosphere or look you want to create helps you make decisions quickly and keep them.

Photo credits

  • Dress: Cindy Bam (South Africa)
  • Bridesmaid dress: John Lewis
  • Hair: Hair Studio (Maun)
  • Makeup: Jessica Orchard (South Africa)
  • Rings: Adrian Dandridge
  • Locations: Khwai Concession; Shorobe; an open field near the Thamalakane River in Maun.
  • Restoration: Chaplains
  • Decor: Yvonne Kohler
  • Commissioning and operation: The pride of Africa
  • DJ: DJ Big Pun
  • Photographer: Juliet Lemon
  • Cake: Cathy Kays
  • Tent Rental: MC Equipment Rental
  • Equipment Rental: Leduo + So Where To Go Events
  • Musician: Simon Shaw
  • Flowers: Bows and bouquets
  • Photo Booth Maker: Ryan Edwards
  • Shake the location of the rocket (with the elephant): Sango Safari Camp


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