Racist crime: Ahmaud Arbery, a young black man, was killed while jogging


Racist crime: Ahmaud Arbery, a young black man, was killed while jogging

On February 23, 2020 in Brunswick, in the southern United States, a black man Ahmaud Arbery, 35, was killed by a former police officer and his son while he was jogging in the state of Georgia. The video of the crime sparked widespread outrage in the United States.

Despite the evidence, it took 74 days for his alleged murderers to be detained.

Who are the suspects?

  • Gregory McMichael is the primary suspect. He is a retired 64 year old police officer. He has long worked as an investigator for the local prosecutor’s office.
  • His son Travis Travis, 34 years old.

A video relaunched the investigation.

McMichael neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan films the scene in a 28-second video.

What do we see on the video?

In this recording, we see a black jogger, Ahmaud Arbery running along a road. Former police officer Gregory McMichael sits in his vehicle. And his son Travor goes to meet Arbery. As he bypasses the white pickup, the jogger is stopped by Travys who grabs it. Arbery frees himself and begins to flee, but his attacker fires three times with his pistol at the jogger, which dies quickly.

In their defense, the alleged murderers said they were dealing with a burglar active in the neighborhood. The Georgia State Police and Justice Services are also singled out for their lack of reaction before the video was released.

According to the family of the deceased, the young man was simply jogging and was the victim of a racist crime.

General outrage.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms says on CNN:

« It is heartbreaking to see that this is happening in 2020 and that it was the lynching of an African American.. »

Hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the city court to express their outrage.

 We observe on the placards of the demonstrators:

« Is it illegal to be black and jog? »


Many celebrities and internet users are demanding justice for the murdered jogger. They express their anger on social networks. The mobilization is accentuated on the hashtag #IRunWithMaud


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  1. Black-on-white hate-violence happens at a far higher rate than white-on-black. The evil baiting of this death as a hate-crime by whites is disgusting, and has already resulted in the double murder of an elderly white couple tending their so ‘s grave in a cemetery. Almost daily now, whites are getting murdered by black assailants motivated by racial animus. The Arbery hatefest will only make this worse, and this is the full intention of those promoting the campaign.
    That Arbery actually attacked McMichael is clear from the video. He put himself and McMichael in peril and paid the price.

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