Memorable African hairstyle: Bantu Knots

Memorable African hairstyle: Bantu Knots

Today we are going to talk about a mythical African hairstyle worn by many women around the world, for generations and generations. This traditional protective hairstyle is called the “Bantu knots”.

But what are the Bantu Knots?

 Bantu Knots is a traditional hairstyle of the Bantu people. It consists of dividing the hair into small portions, then twisting and wrapping the hair around itself to obtain small knots. They are braids rolled up on themselves. This hairstyle can be done with natural hair or with additions.

  Different names
 Bantu Knots  Best known appellation 
 Zulu Knots
 Matôbô  Cameroon
Ti-choux,  kaka cabris  French West Indies

The origin of this trendy hairstyle.

In Africa, Bantu women wore this type of headdress for various occasions in everyday life or during traditional ceremonies. This hairstyle has become commonplace and has become trendy and popular. Many black and mixed-race women do this kind of haircut to themselves or their daughters.

Mythical and ancestral hairstyle

With this ancestral hairstyle, many women have been able to stand out perfectly in their look. It remains one of the most memorable hairstyles for many black and mixed race women around the world.

An internationally popular style

Regardless of their color or origin, the Bantu people’s knots have won over millions of people. I can only imagine the smile on the faces of the Bantu ancestors if they knew that this beautiful hairstyle has stood the test of time. Many women and celebrities in Africa, the United States and France wear this hairstyle.




Bantu Knots Tutorial



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