Black People with green eyes

Have you ever seen black people with green eyes? What are our differences? Let us love one another.

Black People with green eyes

Many people are surprised when he sees blacks with blue eyes or green eyes. Because of enormous prejudices, he thinks that automatically a black can only have eyes of dark colors (which I find magnificent too!). Abate prejudices, and it well to show that each person is different and that one must throw in the trash all these primary ways of thinking.
The genetic material determines the color of the eyes. The color of the eyes is a complex phenomenon to understand, because it depends on the genes of the parents, the chance, and the genetic material that is specific to each one. The ethnicity of a child does not affect the color of the eyes. Black parents may very well have a black child with blue eyes or green eyes depending on the genes. Blue or green eyes are not necessarily the source of crossbreeding or due to illness.
.Being different is a gift and a wealth. Be proud of who you are! What are our differences? Let us love one another.

Haitian black man with green eyes
noirs aux yeux verts -black with green eyes
singer Stromae

noirs aux yeux verts -black green eyes
noir aux yeux verts - Green eyes from JamaicaDark Hair, Gorgeous Green, Amazing Eye, Issa Thompson
Issa Thompson, a beautiful black Jamaican with green eyes.
Les noirs aux yeux verts
Angola children black green eyes
 A black child from Angola with green eyes
black with green eyes -noirs aux yeux verts
 Guys With Green Eyes And Black Hair Green eyes black male men

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    1. sit down. literally sit down. no one cares about what you think is natural, it quite literally is natural ya racist bitch

  1. Blue or green eyes with dark skin is beautiful. The first little girl is absolutely stunning. I just don’t understand why anyone would think this looks unnatural or freaky. I find them beautiful.

  2. If you travel to African you will see s very wide variety of black skinned people. Pure black racd but varying hair colour, (even melanasians outside of Africa) and eye colours,skin tones, facial features,lip colours ans shapes. The representstion of blackness outside of Africa is too politicised and distorted.

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