How to Match your Toddler Girl Winter Coats With Boots
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How to Match your Toddler Girl Winter Coats With Boots

Yes, winter days are finally here! And, whether you are expecting the first snow, winter getaway, or Christmas, we can all agree that finding the best winter clothes and outfits for your little ones can be a bit of an issue. But, no worry, pairing an eye-catching coat with matching boots for your toddler girl will help you do the trick. So, here is our guide on how to match your toddler girl winter coats with boots.


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Shearling Coat + Jeans + Leather Boots

From the gorgeous shearling jacket to classic blue jeans and leather boots, everything about this outfit is perfect for a snowy day in winter. Best of all, this outfit idea is also incredibly easy to copy with just three key items: a cozy and fluffy coat, jeans, and a pair of sturdy winter boots. While the cozy boots really bring out the winter factor, the bright shearling coat that contrasts with the denim is truly the center of attention.


Puffer + Skirt/Dress + Lug Sole Boots

Between a puffy coat, a dress, and lug sole boots, this look is all about contrast. While the puffer jacket delivers instant warmth, the lug sole boots ground your daughter’s feet with a bold and strong look. Pair them with a cute dress or skirt if the temperature isn’t too cold. Otherwise, let your toddler girl slip into a pair of leggings for a more sensible winter outfit look.


Fleece Coat + Chinos + Cute Fur Boots With 3D Character

You don’t need to burrito your little tot in a huge down coat the entire winter! This fleece jacket and faux fur boots combo is a total master class in styling. Both pieces provide enough warmth on the coldest winter day while also being cute and fashionable for an everyday outfit. Even better, they are super simple to recreate with similar pieces your daughter likely already owns. Complete the look by matching your toddler’s outfit with comfy pants like chinos in the same color family and texture. Or, you can opt for her favorite pair of jeans to offset the tonal vibes.


Quilted Coat + Leggings + Lined Rain Boots

This is one of the most used combinations in winter and will never run out of fashion.Thanks to the padded insulation and ample layering possibilities, a quilted coat is not only cozy but also waterproof and snowproof, making them a perfect option for winter. On top of that, the best way to style this piece is with a pair of equally roomy cargo pants. However, you can still swap the bottoms for leggings depending on the occasion. Finally, a pair of chunky rain boots provide a welcome height boost for splashing in puddles.


Denim Jacket + Pants+ Fringe Suede Boots

Sometimes it’s just too risky to let your toddler girl wear her favorite wool coat on a muddy, rainy day. In that case, you could opt for this denim outfit, which is not only trendy but also very durable and doesn’t get dirty easily. A denim jacket can look really cool and serve as an outfit statement on its own. But, it can get even more stylish with a pair of fringed suede boots. Find one in a dark color like brown and pair it with any of your toddler girl’s pants to complete her new look.


Plaid Jacket + Wide-leg Pants/Jeans + Eye-Catching Ankle Boots

Plaid jackets are a cool-girl staple for both fall and winter. So, let’s keep your toddler girl zipped up for max warmth in a plaid jacket and cleverly match her coat with a pair of eye-catching ankle boots. Finally, a pair of jeans or wide-leg pants are the perfect finishing touch when the temperature doesn’t require wearing all cold-weather gear at once. We love this outfit idea because it is just simple, classic while also being very cute and fashionable for any girl.


Oversized Trench Coat + Denim Pants + Black Combat Boots

While the trench coat has captured the hearts and soul of this outfit for serving major main-character energy with its timeless design, it is also one of the best outerwear for staying warm throughout winter. We love to pair this trench with a matching set and snowproof combat boots for an exceptionally polished look. You simply can’t go wrong with the trench coat and black combat boots combo!


Leather Jacket + Leather Boots

Leather is a trend that will never go out of style! That is why we cannot miss this leather outfit on this list. By giving your daughter that rugged look everywhere she goes, a leather jacket is cozy and super stylish at the same time. Match it with a pair of leather boots and jeans to make your toddler girl look even more spot on. Also, when it comes to colors, black would be the best option.


Pea Coat + Chukka Boots

A Pea coat or a double-breasted coat is a must-have winter essential that every girl loves to have in their wardrobe. And, because it can be paired with formal pants as well as jeans, Chukka Boots will give your toddler the liberty to look formal while still being so adorable. You should go for a pea coat in bright colors like candy pink to easily match it with your toddler’s boots. Additionally, accessories like a scarf and beanie would be the perfect addition to pair with this outfit and create a cute winter look.


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