Black people in Nazi Germany

The Second World War was a traumatic time for all peoples of the story. The Nazi regime killed millions of Jews, gypsies. But were you aware of sob pennies Nazi Germany and blacks killing in concentration camps?   
Black people in Nazi Germany
In the 1920s, there were more than 24,000 blacks in Germany. They came from German colonies in Africa. Some blacks were married to German women and had children with them. With the rise of Nazism in Germany, living conditions of “Negers” have become extremely complicated. The defeat of the Germans against the French army in 1914-18, the occupation of the Rhineland by the French, Belgian and African soldiers colonized gradually create a nightmarish climate for blacks living in Germany.

The daily life of blacks in Germany from 1933 to 1945

a. At the beginning
At first, the Nazis did not know how to process black. The German Nazis regarded as “inferior race” but they were not a direct threat to them. For a time, the young German even blacks were allowed to join the Hitler Youth. But the loss of colonial territories, following the defeat of the First World War and the occupation of the French, Belgian and Senegalese, Moroccan and Madagascan soldiers in the Rhineland created a tense climate for blacks living in Germany. The Germans felt humiliated and were extremely angry against people of color who fought for France in this period -There. They saw a very dim dating between African soldiers and German women. The Nazis have saw blacks as “beasts or subhumans” and wanted especially not they sully the purity of German blood. Stop supporting this, the Germans began to persecute blacks in Germany.

b. Establishment of a Machiavellian plan against blacks in Germany
Propagande Nazie + noir

Nazi propaganda

First, the Germans set up a racist propaganda campaign against the Jews, but also black. It was called “Die Schwarze chanted (am Rhein) or Die shwarze Schmach (am Rhein)” which means Black shame. Black propaganda depicted the military as “rapists” or carriers of venereal disease from soiling the German woman. This propaganda aimed to criticize the occupation of the Rhineland and the other side to fight for the protection of German blood. For as I said earlier, the Germans had a negative vision about people of color. The mix between German women and black loath them. It was a waste of racial pride!

Noirs dans l'Allemagne Nazie

Nazi propaganda
The friendship between an Aryan and a black woman is a loss of racial pride.

Some examples of discriminatory laws and rules for black:

  • Blacks were banned from public life. To avoid problems, many blacks lived in total isolation.
  • It withdrew the papers of German nationality black and Birth Germans
  • Without status, they had trouble finding a job. Some of them could find work in the show. That is to say, they worked as film actors for the German Ministry of Propaganda. They used by making films about the former German colonies in Africa. Others found work in factories.
  • The Reichstag pass a law against marriages between whites and blacks in the African colonies.
  • Mixed marriages were forbidden. From 1935, it was impossible to see a marriage between an Aryan and non Aryan (Jews, gypsies, blacks) under pain of severe penalties. If Black had an affair with a German, he risked the death penalty. The Nuremberg Laws were very explicit on that subject.
  • The Germans set up very harsh laws against Jews in the Nuremberg Laws. The Nuremberg Laws were also designed the black race because there were laws regarding citizenship and laws protecting German blood.
  • The black-German Métis children suffer a lot in German society. They were singled out, marginalized and isolated. They were considered by Hitler as “bastards of the Rhineland. “Hitler did everything to eliminate them because they considered them a stain for the German people. In his book Mein Kampf (My fight), Hitler accused the Jews of having intentionally caused the “Negroes” in the Rhineland, to undermine the white race, by an inevitable degeneration.
  • Black colors of students no longer had the right to attend classes. They did not have the right to higher education.
  • Many blacks were sterilized, imprisoned, brutalized. The German secret police proceeded constantly discrete raids where they were performing sterilizations on them.
  • Blacks were victims of serious medical experiments.
  • Those who live in the countries conquered by Germany, were arrested for acts of resistance or belonging to communism.
  • Hitler spread his hatred against black athletes. They were ousted competitions sportives.Par example, when Jesse Owens, the star of American athletics, won three gold medals at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Hitler refused to be present.
  • Rejection of Jazz music by the Nazis. They consider jazz as “Judeo-Negroid music” as Goebbels. Despite the popularity’re black artists in Germany, the Nazis did not hesitate to boycott. Hence, most jazz musicians and decide to leave the country in the early 30s.


The categories of black people affected by Nazism

They can be grouped into 4 categories.

  • First, we have Africans who come from German African colonies. There were of African origins of Tanganyika, Cameroon, Finally, and Namibia. Among them, the Hereros had settled in Germany. The Herero people were the first victims of the genocide of the 20th century. The Germans created the first concentration camps against them. They killed more than 80% of the Herero.

Les officiers Allemands en Namibie

  • Secondly, the second category were military. They were called “bastards of the Rhine.” The Germans considered children between blacks and German women like dirt of the German race. They have not hesitated to sterilize.
  • The third category is the black soldiers (France, America, Belgium) and citizens of the countries occupied by Germany. Many of them were resistant. They were captured and deported to concentration camps. One can quote for example Josephine Baker was an agent of resistance.
  • The last category is a small number of black people from around the world who have settled in Germany in the 1920s, mainly of the show.

To conclude, all these examples show how black life was a living hell. They lived in constant fear. Many blacks were persecuted and deported to concentration camps and death camps. The fate was the same for all. Whether you’re black German by birth, fighters or American colonial troops, citizens of occupied countries, strong, you were housed in the same boat.

Feel free to see this documentary on Bile Blacks in Nazi camps! I also suggest you read books on black star Michelle Maillet, “Hitler’s Black Victims’ Clarence Lusane.
 Source /  Serge Bile

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