Belgian Anae, 9 years old and her teacher Jeny make buzz in USA

Belgian Anae, 9 years old and her teacher Jeny make buzz in USA

“Abolish borders, through dance. “

The Duchess of Sussex spotted two exceptional Belgian dancers. Amazed by their talent, Meghan recommended her artists to Ellen DeGeneres. A few days later, their life will completely switch. The Belgian Anae, 9 years old and her teacher Jeny Bonsenge, 25, from Molenbeek will be invited to dance steps of African dances in the United States at the famous talk show The Ellen Show broadcast by CBS. The Belgians performed a breathtaking choreography.


Ellen DeGeneres says:

You know how I found you? Meghan Markle sent me your video and asked me, ‘What do you think? Is not this girl great? __ “Ellen told them

After the performance, Jeny explains:

 “We had the chance to dance for two minutes on the set. I’m glad I could show what I knew how to do. Anae too, could do a freestyle. It was very good ! “

Even before the famous American show received them, the videos of Jeny and Anae stuck on Instagram with more than 16 million views.. 

Who is Jeny Bonsenge?

Jeny Bosenge is a Brussels choreographer who has her own dance school in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode. She regularly publishes artistic performances with her student, Anaé, 9 years old on social networks.

The two young Belgian dancers left a message of hope on the set of Ellenshow.

 “Together we share hope and a very positive image of love, I think love has no color,” says Jeny.


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.llen Degeneres gave to duo dancers, as well as $ 10,000 each.

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