AFRICAN DIGITAL ART: Jepchumba an African Digital Artist

AFRICAN DIGITAL ART: Jepchumba an African Digital Artist

Have you heard of the African digital artist Jepchumba? Jepchumba is an African digital artist from Kenya who has created a dialogue between the traditional media (drawing, sculpture, painting) with new media such as computer, animation, 3D modeling. More precisely, everything related to digital.
Passionate about Art, Africa, digital, philosophy and new technologies, Jepchumba has become the founder of African digital art. It has created a collective and creative space where professional and amateur digital artists express their passions. In his work, Jepchumba enjoys experimenting and mixing digital art with sound, movement and various digital effects.

Why this desire to create African digital art?

While pursuing her studies in digital media at the London Metropolitan University in the UK, Jepchumba was amazed by the lack of knowledge of digital media in Africa. She felt the need to create more visibility in the field of digital media by highlighting the talent and creativity that flowed from across the continent.
Jepchumba’s digital art draws heavily on his many trips to India, Kenya, Djibouti, South Africa, Tanzania, the United Kingdom and the United States. She surrounded herself with a group of artists passionate like her by the creativity and the technologies.
In 2012 she was ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the 20 youngest women in power in Africa and was listed in the Guardian’s Africa among the Top 25 Women Achievers.

Beneficial change in technology in Africa

In the magazine Max Eternity, Jepchumba explains that technology will transform the look in the world looks Africa. More specifically, she explains:

For a long, long time, the world saw a very narrow vision of Africa; A continent that is plagued by hunger, disease, conflict and suffering. These narrow lenses are now expanded with access to technology. More and more Africans are gaining access to devices that allow them to exert their ingenuity.»

She highlighted the fact that technology is changing the habits of Africans. Indeed, Africans are increasingly using mobile devices to surf the web. They use new technologies and social networks to communicate with their families and friends. For example, the computer has become an essential tool for Africans to build their cities or homes and express themselves.
Currently traveling all over Africa, she meets designers, students, teachers, advertisers in the digital field. They discuss how best to promote economic success in the continent. Countries like South Africa, Kenya, Egypt have professionally trained artists in the digital media industry who take in massive animation, film, web design projects.
Africa is a continent full of potential that can positively influence the world through digital art.

photo credit : Jepchumba


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