20 African American who traced ancestry to Cameroon



20 African American who traced ancestry to Cameroon.

In 2006, the program “African American lives” broadcast by the channel PBS, will launch the movement of this return to the sources. Thanks to the advances of African-American biologist Rick Kittles, we have been able to trace the African ancestry of several African Americans.
Following this show, many celebrities and Afro-American personalities will do DNA tests to discover their African origins.
For them the discovery of their African origins is a victory because it means:

  • A return to the roots.
  • A real victory for the dead.
  • A victory for all the victims of slavery and for the whole of Africa.
  • Finding these roots is a form of repair. For the slave-owners have not fully won.
  • They failed and failed to uproot all the Kunta Kinté that we are.


  • 1/ Taraji-P Hanson (Cameroon – Masa People)


  • 2/ Eddy Murphy (Cameroon) 


  • 3/ Chris Rock (Cameroon – Udeme People )


  • 4/ Blair Underwood (Cameroon – Bamiléké People )


  • 5/ Chris Tucker (Cameroon – Bamileke People, Angola)

Chris Tucker-origine-Angola

  • 6/ Erykah Badu (Cameroon – Bamiléké Peuple ) 


  • 7/ Common (Cameroon – Bamiléké & Ewondo People) 


  • 8/Quincy Jones (Cameroon – Tikar People ) 

Quincy Jones

  • 9/ Spike Lee (Cameroon –  Tikar People)  


  • 10/ Don Cheadle (Cameroon – Bamiléké, Masa, Tikar People) 

  • 11/ Condoleezza Rice (Cameroon – Tikar People ) 

  • 12/ Anthony Anderson (Cameroon –  Tikar People) 


  • 13/ Jessica Williams (Cameroon – Bamiléké People ) 


  • 14/ Herman Skip Mason (Cameroon) 


  • 15/Sheryl Lee Ralph (Cameroon –  Tikar People) 


  • 16/ Roberta Flack (Cameroon) 

  • 17/Frank Rodriguez (Cameroon) 

Frank Ski -africanroots- Cameroon & Nigeria

  • 18/ Donnie Simpson (Cameroon) 

  • 19/ Vanessa Williams (Ghana, Cameroon, Togo, Senegal) 


  • 20/ Ysaye Maria Barnwell (Cameroon) 

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  1. I believe African Ancestry and their geneticist Rick Kittles deserve the Novel Prize. Children of enslaved Africans can find “home.” My family was blessed to find both our maternal and paternal tribes and present-day nations. We’ve erased the name of the enslaver, and reclaimed a surname from our father’s “tribe!

  2. I have been trying to visit Cameroon and discover my maternal tribe – Bamileke. I also would like to converse with African American expats. Suggestions?

  3. I’m actually a Cameroonian, presently in Cameroon. Cameroon is waiting for you guys. I mean coming to visit the place of your route isn’t a bad idea

  4. I found out that my ancestors are, Cameroon from the
    Bamileke tribe, lasted year in April, 2023. I’m 99.4% matches for the mtDNA of Bamileke people in Cameroon 🇨🇲.

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