16 celebrities who wear stunning Faux Locs


16 celebrities who wear stunning Faux Locs

Hello girls, if there is a hairstyle that tends to be worn absolutely, it’s the faux locs. This style of hairdressing has become so popular that it has seduced many celebrities. Actresses, singers, fake locks have a real success among the stars we love. Long, short, colorful, this hairstyle is well suited for people who want dreadlocks, but don’t want to commit to a long-term hairstyle. As you know, we black women like to change our hairstyles, like we change our shirts.
Meagan Good, Eva Marcile, Ciara, Tyra Banks, Zendaya, Rihanna, they all succumbed to this easy to make look, which makes your look vibrate.

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What are faux locs?

Faux locs are temporary dreadlocks. That is, they are perfect for people who do not want to engage in long-term hairdressing. With this look, you can change your cap whenever you want without damaging your hair. It is a very good style of natural protection.
How are they created?
This style is created from human hair, yarn or braided synthetic hair such as Marley (more natural look) or Kanekalon (smoother and shinier look).

How to make faux locs?

You must buy 4 or 5 packs of Marley, kanekalon or Kinky. Depending on the type of hair you choose, the look and texture will be different.

  • Marley hair (more natural look)
  • Kanekalon hair (smoother and shinier appearance).

What to do?
Style your own hair by adding extensions to your own hair in the form of individual braids, then wrap them with threads, synthetic or human hair.
To achieve this style, faux locs are wrapped around a strand of her own natural hair or twists in a downward movement to look like real locs. Normally, they require two strands of your hair.

Place Marley or Kanekalon around each braid, all the way down, and remember to burn the ends so that they do not unravel.

Prices and styles of faux locs.

The cost of false locks is around 100 to 130 euros. The price varies according to the type of human or synthetic hair.
Many hair styles can be achieved with fake locks. (top bun, bottom bun or other) 

The advantages of faux locs.

  • They are similar to dreadlocks
  • They require less time than locks.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Protective hairdressing, because it does not require modifying the physical state of natural hair.
  • Variable duration (temporary or permanent). They can be kept for 1 to 3 months.

Afroculture.net presents below 16 African-American celebrities with fake locks.
Photo credit Instagram

  • 1/ Meagan Good

  • 2/ Eva Marcille

  • 3/ Ciara

  • 4/ Beyonce

  • 5/ Yaya Dacosta

  • 6/ Tami Roman

  • 7/ Tyra Banks

  • 8/ Rihanna

  • 9/ Tasha Smith

    • 10/ Ryan Destiny

    • 11/ Blac Chyna

    • 12/ Willow Smith

    • 13/ Taraji P. henson

    • 14/ Zendaya

    • 15/ Teyana Taylor

    • 16/ Brandy

    Which celebrity wears faux locs better?


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