Faux Locs Hairstyles for Black Women


Faux Locs Hairstyles for Black Women

Popular in Afro hair industry, faux locs are perfect for people who want dreadlocks but do not want to engage in a long term hairstyle. Elegant and practical, faux locs have succumbed to many celebrities like Ciara, Tyra Banks, Zendaya, Rihanna and Meagan Good and make a huge box inUnited States. Easy to make, it literally changes your look.

How to make faux locs?

You need 4 or 5 hair packs of Marley, Kanekalon or Kinky. Marley braids are best for making faux locs.
Method :

Braid your own hair or add extensions to your own hair in the form of individual braids then wrap with synthetic or human braids. Indeed, to achieve this style, faux locs is wrapped around a wick of its own natural hair directly at the root.
Faux locs require two strands of your actual hair. For an extra length, you should incorporate each twist into a braid, adding in the braiding hair to each section and using your twist as a third strand. And then finally, you wrap tightly the braiding or the hair Place the Marley around every braid, all the way down, and remember to burn the ends so that they do not untangle.
Hairdressing temporary dreadlocks “faux locs” exploded with the false locks hook process. Their cost is around 100 to 130 euros.

One thousand ways to stylize faux locs.

Many hairstyles can be made with faux locs. They can be worn with high bun, braids or pearls.

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Advantages of faux locs.

  • They look like dreadlocks. This is one of the most natural hairstyles with wicks.
  • They require less time than the locks.
  • Maintenance of the locks is very easy. Thoroughly wash your hair with your shampoo. Faux locs are very resistant to water. After several sea baths and several shampoos, they are intact.
  • Hair care and maintenance is a must for faux locs! You should oil your scalp daily, wash and condition at least twice a week.
    It is a protective hairstyle because it does not require altering the physical condition of natural hair.
  • Faux locs can be temporary or permanent. They can be kept for 1 to 3 months.

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