White parents give birth to a black child


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Can a white couple have a black child? Come and discover the incredible stories of white parents who gave birth to a black child.

White parents give birth to a black child

he genetics are really amazing. Where racist people struggle to divide and make distinctions between human beings. Unbelievable families still prove to us that man knows nothing and that rejecting the other is not the solution. That we must stop rejecting the other because he or she is different from ourselves. And to stop making hasty judgements without any reason. Every human being is born different. We don’t have the same number of hairs, the same eyes, or the same body. Our character is different and we don’t like the same things. But, is the fact that my neighbour is different from me or the people around me. I have to reject him, stigmatize him and blame him for all the evils, when my real motives are that I am afraid of what I don’t know.
Today, we’re going to talk to you about parents like no other. White parents who gave birth to black children. We have already seen the case of black parents who gave birth to white children and then twins of different skins. We will continue to travel the world and discover the wonders that God reveals to us and the messages of tolerance, sharing, love, acceptance of the other that are increasingly absent from this world.

 1. Abraham and Sannie Laing: white couple give birth to a black child.

Do you know the incredible story of South African Sandra Laing? Sandra Laing is a black child, born in 1955 to white parents during the apartheid era. Abraham, a shopkeeper, and Sannie Laing give birth to their third child Sandra. The parents are surprised, because Sandra has dark skin. They both believe that in time their daughter’s skin colour will lighten, but this will never happen.

.When she was born, her mother Sannie was stunned, she adds.

I noticed right away that Sandra had darker skin than us, but that didn’t spoil the joy I felt. And if our daughter’s color ever shocked my husband, he didn’t show it. ». »

These parents had already had two white boys. But the problem for Sandra was that these parents were apartheiders.
And as you know, black skin and frizzy hair did not mix well in apartheid South Africa. As a student at the Deborah Retief boarding school, she was expelled from school and two policemen took her home.  Her father was very sad and cried at the news.
Sandra’s drama began then. The poor child was rejected from all sides because of the color of her skin.

  • Nine schools refused to take Sandra because of her colour. The parents had no choice but to enroll her in a school for blacks or Métis.
  • Sandra was no longer allowed to go to restaurants or movies with her parents and two brothers.
  • She was no longer allowed to sit on the bus with her family.
  • She was not allowed to go to church or the park.
  • The ice-cream seller refused to offer her an ice cream because of the colour of her skin.

Saddened, Sandra didn’t really understand what was happening to her. Why so much hatred towards a child because of the color of her skin… Her story was a true testament to the sadness and oppression of people of colour during apartheid. Rejected by all, she didn’t know where she belonged.
Unhappily, faced with his daughter’s suffering, her father Abraham then engaged in a fierce struggle against the government to have her reclassified as “White. “In his eyes she was white, for she was born of two white parents. He attributed the color and hair of his daughter’s hair to a genetic facade.
Trefor Jenkins, Director of the Department of Human Genetics at the South African Institute of Medical Research at the University of the Witwatersrand supported Sandra’s father by explaining that :

Races have been intermingled for so long in South Africa that a case like Sandra’s, if exceptional, is nothing short of aberrant. “»

After a veritable legal war, Sandra was reclassified as “White. “But despite this, Sandra was still rejected among the whites and felt more comfortable with black people.
The family was ostracized by those around them. And, her father wanted Sandra to marry a white lawyer, but Sandra didn’t want to. She fell in love with Petrus Zwane, a young black man who sold fruits and vegetables. Then at the age of 16, she decided to run away with her lover to Swaziland.
Her unhappy father refused to let her fall in love with a black man and rejected her in turn. He categorically refused to classify her as “black (coloured in South Africa)”. She later decided to return to South Africa with her abusive and alcoholic husband and two children. But unfortunately for her, her father was dead and she didn’t have the chance to say goodbye. A whole life was wasted because of racism.
In 1981, it was classified as “colored.” She moved to the townships in South Africa. She took back her children, whom she had left behind, and remarried a second time. With her new husband, she had three more children.
In 2000, a South African newspaper, the “Sunday Times”, found her living in a township. The newspaper arranged a reunion with her family. Her mother agreed to see her again and attended the meeting. But a few months later, her mother also died. Sandra tried to reconnect with her two younger brothers (supporters of the extreme right), but they refused to meet her.
Victim of the system, she was forced to change her colour three times and was unable to live the life she would have liked with her family. All those years wasted without seeing her father, mother and two brothers. A family destroyed because of a ridiculous question of skin colour, when we are all human.
Sandra Laing explained to the press:

I wish Nelson Mandela had been our president when I was born. Maybe I wouldn’t have left home, finished school, and seen my brothers all the time.”


 2. Mary and Joseph Smith in Arkansas: white parents, black child

Joseph and Mary Smith, white parents, had a black child named Todd Smith.
The parents said:  

That they were sure it was their son, but they didn’t know why he was black. ». »

When their child was born, the father started laughing inside him, wondering if it was really his. Because they didn’t have anyone in their family who was black.
The doctors at the hospital thought Mary was cheating on Joseph while he was away on business. But she wasn’t.
Mary’s parents, anna and johns turner, thought their grandson todd was a gift from god. They said:

Little Todd is a miracle from God Almighty. Our Lord works in mysterious ways.. »

Scientific explanation
Dr. James Martin, a popular genetics doctor in the pediatric department of the Baptist Medical Clinic explains that this is a case of genetic mixing. The laws of genetics are not simple and it’s very hard to understand. 

3. Dana et Hugh Clarke : parents blancs, enfant noir

A white couple, Dana and Hugh Clarke, from wealthy neighborhoods, had a black child. Shocked, surprised, they don’t realize what’s happening to them. A lot of questions echoed in the daddy’s head. How is that possible? Why can a white couple have a black child? Did my wife cheat on me with an African-American man?
Hugh, the husband doesn’t understand, because his father, a historian, had traced their family tree and there were no African-Americans. Under pressure from his family, he forced his wife to take a DNA test, but the results proved that he was the father and that his wife had not cheated on him.
Disputes, misunderstandings, conflicts, his wife does not understand her husband’s behaviour. Dana is just happy that she had a healthy baby and doesn’t care what color he is. But Hugh’s father, an eminent historian and writer, didn’t understand the situation. He asked his son to force his wife to take a DNA test and then to search for his father, who had abandoned him as a child, to find out where the African-American gene in their family came from. His wife was saddened that her husband forced her to do this. But she reluctantly agrees. All that Dana has left in her life is her grandmother. So she begins her search with the help of a lawyer and her actions finally bear fruit. He discovers that there is no black ancestry in Dana’s family. Hugh and his family remain astonished and extremely shocked at the result.

But during a routine examination, they discover that their daughter Lizzy is a carrier of sickle cell disease, found mainly in people of colour. Dana, the mother is tested immediately, but the tests are negative. Hugh, her husband is also tested and is positive.
This story is still sad, however, because we can see how social pressure has created enormous conflict around the birth of a child. For Dana, Hugh’s wife, the colour of their child’s skin was of no importance. She loved her child and that was the most important thing. What was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives turned into nightmares for stupid reasons related to fear of each other.

 All these incredible stories lead us to tolerance and love. We have to accept differences and learn to accept the other as he or she is. God created us all in his image. It doesn’t matter if we are white, black, Asian, Arab, green or grey. We are all part of the human race. Whoever is afraid of the other, we advise him to travel to other countries, to discover others. Fear is not a solution. It prevents you from blossoming and living your life to the fullest. .  


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