Twists: 11 awesome African-American celebrities with twist hairstyles

Twists: 11 awesome African-American celebrities with twist hairstyles 

Twists have conquered the hearts of our favorite celebrities. On the red carpet, in the evening as in everyday life, they wear sublime protective hairstyles like twists or African braids. Twists short, colorful, long, the stars are full of ideas to present us with trendy twisted hairstyles that gives them a wonderful look.

But what are twists exactly?

Twists are a hairstyle that consists of dividing a wick into two strands and then wrap them one over the other in the same direction.

It is a hairstyle worn by black people, which is realized on natural or artificial hair. There are different types of twists: senegalese twists, havana twists, kinky twists, jumbo twists, marley twists, and so on. They are determined by the type of wicks you buy.

8 benefits of wearing twists.

  1. It’s a sensational hairstyle.
  2. An excellent compromise between braids and dreadlocks.
  3. They are made on natural or artificial hair.
  4. They are simple to make.
  5. It is a protective hairstyle that protects the hair from external elements.
  6. They can serve as a transition to get twists out (curly hair when you undo the vanilla).
  7. It is a hairstyle that allows you to stretch your curly or frizzy hair, but also to preserve hydration longer.
  8. They are worn in everyday life or for special occasions.

What is the difference between braids and twists?

The main difference between braids and twists is visualized on the technique .. The twists require only two wicks to be wound on one another. While the box braids are realized with three locks of hair.

According to Dickey, creator and founder of Hair Rules, twisted hairstyles look exactly like what they sound. “Twists is a protective hairstyle that allows people with curly or more frizzy hair to go from a week to a month without having to re-wrap their hair,” he says.

  •  1/ NICOLE ARI PARKER (Marley Kinky twists hairstyles)

  •  2/ BRANDY (senegalese twists)

  •  3/ DA BRAT


Solange Knowles






  • LUPITA N’YONGO (senegalese twists)

What do you think ?

Which celebrity do you think best wears twist hairstyle?


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