Tribal Makeup | Fashion Trend

Tribal Makeup | Fashion Trend

Rich in cultures, traditions and languages, Africa is a continent rich in color and of great beauty. There are many tribes across the continent, who live outside of society. These African peoples still respect the heritage and culture of their ancestors.
Tribal makeup has a real importance for these tribes. Because she plays a key role in many groups. It is a true art of beauty and social belonging.
Often, in the form of paint or clay with different hues using dried plants and flowers, makeup has various meanings:

  • 1/ It can mean hunting, religious and traditional reasons, military purposes or scaring an enemy.
  • 2/ It also functions as social markers, distinguishing men from women  and members of the foreign tribe.
  • 3/ It also indicates status and they convey a strong cultural significance.
  • 4/ Tribal art differs according to the rank of a person in society. The higher your rank, the more complicated and complicated your painting / makeup for the face. Many begin with a basic tribal paint (or tattoos) and as they rise in the rows, more symbols are added to match their rank and achievements.

Each color and each symbol has a certain meaning:

  • Black is commonly used to refer to power, evil, death and mystery.
  • Gray designates safety, authority, maturity and stability.
  • Violet usually means royalty, luxury, wisdom and passion.
  • Yellow expresses joy, energy and warmth.
  • Red is used for danger, daring, urgency and energy.
  • Blue refers to peace, calm, confidence and affection.
  • Greens are generally used for life, growth, freshness and healing.
  • While white means hope, purity and light.

In Africa, where the oldest human communities are, there are many tribal families that use symbols to tell stories and provide information. These symbols are considered sacred and have been used primarily in ceremonial and religious contexts.
Today, tribal makeup has become international.
Many women make tribal makeup to celebrate the beauty and legacy of their ancestors. They thus honor the beauty of African culture. Africa is for them the cradle of humanity.

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