Top 14 Rappers With Tattoos

Top 14 Rappers With Tattoos

In the beginning, tattoos were carried by prisoners, sailors and pariahs of society. Little by little, rock stars and gangsters adopt this fashion phenomenon. Then, the rappers amplify this trend by wearing tattoos more and more original. Today, the tattoo has become more democratic. We no longer consider people, who wear tattoos, like thugs. And yes, the girl opposite and the neighbor to palliate have become followers to this method. Whether you like it or hate it, the tattoo is everywhere.
But why this madness of the tattoo? Do tattoos have a real meaning?

  • Tattoo symbolizes belonging to a clan or a community. Many gangsters or rappers wear tattoos that express the group to which they belong. This reminds us of the scarification of certain African peoples, who explained the group or caste to which they belonged.
  • Tattoo is a true mark of manhood. The ability supported pain, when getting tattooed. Some women find that men who wear tattoos are much more virile than others.
  • It helps beautify your body or hide scars. Some people get tattoos to hide an unsightly scar. This makes it possible to emphasize a part of the body, to embellish it and it is a true accessory to seduce. See our article. On the black muscular men.
  • Seduction asset. Muscular men love to get tattoos. This gives a macho side, bad boys, very exciting that makes women crack. And, it beautifies big muscles very prominent.
  • Tattooing can be synonymous with love. The loss of a loved one, love for his boyfriend or girlfriend. It pays tribute to the people you love.
  • Original, be different. Wearing a tattoo, among many celebrities, makes it possible to differentiate itself from others. It gives you a touch of originality, which is your own. It reveals your personality.

Every tattoo has a meaning for the person who wears it.

1. Lil Wayne
lil-wayne-tattoo-46 - copie
lil-wayne-tattoo back
2. The Game
The game-tattoo
3. Tupac Shakur
Tupac Tattoo
Tupac-tattoo back
4. Wiz Khalifa
wiz khalifa
5. Rick Ross
Rick ross
Rick Ross tattoo
6. 50 cent
50 cent tattoo 1


7. Llyod Banks
8. Flo Rida
Florida tattoos
8. Scrappy
9. Willie Northpole


 10. Eminem
 11. Nelly
nelly tattoo
12. Booba
13. Tyga
14. Waka Flocka

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