Short haircut: Halle Berry is ultra sexy with short hair

Short haircut: Halle Berry is ultra sexy with short hair

Boyish haircut, short square, pixie cut, short wavy or sophisticated, the short haircut is very fashionable and trendy in recent years. Contrary to popular belief, short hair is attracting more and more women. American actress Halle Berry can attest to that.

“I love short hair, it’s me. That’s who i am. I have more self-confidence as well and it is with short hair that I find myself most to my advantage. “

Berry proves that you can be beautiful and sexy with the short haircut. She is a pioneer of the short pixie cut in Hollywood.

What are the advantages of this hairstyle?

  • Short haircut shows the natural beauty of women.
  • It highlights the face.
  • It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.
  • It’s a very fashionable trendy style.
  • Simple, practical and quick to make.
  • It is easy to accessorize.
  • It radically changes its look.
  • It is a hairstyle synonymous with independence and self-confidence.
  • Considered a symbol of control over his life for some people.

So if you want to change your hairstyle, let yourself be inspired by the mythical short haircut of the beautiful Halle Berry.

  • Crédit photo : Halle Berry

What do you think ? What does short hair mean to you?


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