Salouva: Mayotte traditional clothing

Salouva: Mayotte traditional clothing

Women of Mayotte are beautiful with Mayotte traditional outfit in the thousand colors called “salouva. “

But, first of all, what is salouva?

Salouva is elegant outfit for women of Mayotte. It is a large cotton tube tied around the chest and falling to the feet.
It consists of two parts: a large piece of fabric sewn on one side which the woman slips and fastenes, most of the time, over the chest, and the kishali, shawl worn on the head or on the shoulders. The kishali is a Mahometric veil, without religious connotation, made from the same material as salouva. 

Salouva, a habit of cultural value.

Salouva is a garment that has only cultural value. Under the salouva, women wear a cotton body close to the body and a petticoat or shimizi, sleeveless dress in light cotton. Older women also wear a lace skirt underneath. Among the Mahorais, practical clothes were worn, which had to be worn all day and used during all activities.
Embroidered salouvas are generally reserved for large ceremonies such as weddings. Almost all women show their salvas on Friday, a sacred day among Muslims.
Some women are made up with patterns on the face, traced with msizano.

Competition of salouva “Salouva suits you so well.”

If you like Salouva, there is a competition organized in Mayotte called “The salouva goes so well.” Where you can win numerous prizes in different categories. This operation is organized by Mayotte 1st in partnership with the Tourism Committee and the Shime association. The next appointment will take place on February 10, 2017. Find out about the facebook of Mayotte 1st  

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