The incredible red Tsingy of Antsiranna, Madagascar

The incredible red Tsingy of Antsiranna, Madagascar invites you to discover a beautiful geological curiosity. In northern Madagascar, 60 km from Diego Suarez, south-east of the town of Antsiranana, you’ll find the red Tsingy at the foot of canyons on the Sahafary plateau. The Malagasy word “tsingy” means “to walk on tiptoe”. This exceptional tourist site is a true miracle and a masterpiece of nature that captivates everyone who comes to visit.

What are the Red Tsingy?

The red Tsingy are geological formations formed by the erosion of sandstone, marl and limestone. They were formed by the Lapiaz erosion of the Irodo River by wind and heavy rain. The mixture of different oxides creates hundreds of fairy chimneys of sandstone, marl, clay and limestone formations in red ochre, white and pink. This phenomenon creates fantastic, surreal landscapes. With its unique shapes and flamboyant colors, you’ll love this sensational Hollywood Wild West setting. The layers of the Tsingy differ in hardness from one another. The elements constantly reshape this landscape. And the shades of color change with the time of day. They cover an area of around 180 hectares.

How do I get there?

To reach this must-see attraction, you have to cross 18 kilometers of sand and red earth track from the RN6 road at Saharenana. Roughly speaking, it takes at least 2 hours by 4×4 south of Diego to get there. All excursions start from Antsiranana.

How much does it cost?

The rate in force since October 25, 2010 is 10,000 Ar for foreign visitors and 5,000 Ar for Madagascans.

Is this site accessible all year round?

Yes, the site is accessible all year round.

Where to stay and eat?

Just 2 km from the site is the small village of Andranomena. Here, you can find hotels to sleep in and restaurants to sample the local dishes.

What are the different activities you can do?

  • Visit the Red Tsingy with its forest, grand canyon and valleys.
  • See the island’s sedimentary basin and its vegetation.
  • Visit the sacred Lake Anivorano.
  • Walk to the nearby Baobab Alley.
  • Discover the Analamera Reserve.

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