Relaxed haircut inspiration by Lauryn Hill

Relaxed haircut inspiration by Lauryn Hill

Pretty singer Lauryn Hill can be a real inspiration for black women with frizzy hair who want to go for the smooth haircut. To better tame curly hair or change heads, many women are tempted to straighten and relax their hair.

What are the advantages of this hairstyle?

  • Hair is more supple.
    It is easier to style.
    You save time.
    It’s a style change that brings freshness to your look.

How to have straight hair?

The first thing black women think about when it comes to straightening their hair is to start with a straightener. But its drawback is that it can damage the hair because it uses chemicals.

1) Straighten your hair without straightening

  • Wash your hair with shampoo.
    After having rinsed them well and dried them, untangle them.
    Moisturize your hair well with the oil of your choice. (olive oil, aloe vera, coconut oil, etc.).
    Separate your hair into small sections. And smooth your hair from the root, strand after strand. The most important thing is to be very patient.

2) Straightening

  • Straightening is a straightening method that changes the texture of frizzy, curly or black hair.

Brazilian smoothing

  • Brazilian hair straightening consists of relaxing the hair fiber in a natural way with keratin or cysteine.
  • It is recommended primarily for curly hair.

Japanese smoothing

  • Japanese straightening straightens hair strand by strand, making it smoother and very shiny. The treatment time lasts 3 hours. It is a straightening that lasts between 4 to 6 months.
  • It is more adapted to frizzy and very curly hair.
  • It is a non-aggressive straightening method.

  • Crédit photo : Lauryn Hill


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