Peju Alatise: Nigerian artist-painter


Peju Alatise: Nigerian artist-painter

Born in 1975, Peju Alatise is a Nigerian artist and a writer with a background in architecture. His art finds its essence in the synergy between furniture, sculpture and painting.
Although her father was reluctant to become an artist, she obtained her degree in architecture at Ladoke Akintola University in Oyo State, southwestern Nigeria. But the desire to see his ambition become reality was still there, although it remains to share between art and architecture. Still looking for depth in her work, she worked for 13 years as a studio artist, while renovating buildings and publishing two novels. Her first novel, Orita Meta, describing the intertwined path of three women, was nominated for the ANA / Flora Nwapa Award for writing women in 2006.
peju-2Peju Alatise is also an artist committed to the cause of women. She created sculptures to express support for the abduction of 234 girls from Chibok, Nigeria. She explores their disappearance through a series of panels made from traditional Nigerian fabrics and silhouettes of heads of anonymous girls.
Moreover, Alatise paints paintings that capture the joys and sorrows of woman as lived in modern African traditions. Its objective is to advocate for the equal rights of women in politics and inclination philosophy.

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