Overcoming depression after divorce: Halle Berry confides


Overcoming depression after divorce: Halle Berry confides.

Divorce is a difficult time to go through. This dark period is often accompanied by a great period of sadness and depression. The departed person often feels a sense of helplessness and misunderstanding about the situation. These negative ideas cause a loss of self-esteem. Fear of change, loneliness, anxiety for children and finances, divorce makes one ask a thousand questions about life. We are disappointed because we have not managed to save his marriage. One feels guilty for not being able to reassure one’s half, not to have known to listen to it and to answer its waitings. Guilt is accompanied and mixed with sadness and anger. One feels inside oneself a strong feeling of failure. It is a dangerous stage of life, because the divorce gradually leads to the people who undergo it in a deep depression.

What is depression?
Depression is a mental or psychological illness that affects everyone, regardless of their age. It disrupts your mood (sadness, low morale, loss of pleasure, negative thinking, suicidal urge) and is often the result of psychological, biological and environmental factors.
Celebrities are normal people who also have heartaches. Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry confides on the depression she suffered, while giving advice on how she overcame.

Halle Berry’s experience with depression.
In an interview with Parade magazine, Halle Berry spoke of the deep depression she felt in 1996, after her husband, David Justice, decided to end their five-year marriage.

“I took my dogs, and I went in the garage and sat in the car. For two or three hours, I just cried and I cried. I thought ‘I can’t face it,” She says.

The end of her marriage was the trigger for a loss of self-esteem and inner sadness. Her depression was so strong that she wanted to end her pain by committing suicide.
She says :

” It took away my self-esteem. It beat me down to the lowest of lows – the gum on the bottom of David’s shoe, that’s what I felt like. Somewhere in my heart, I think I did not really want to end my life. I just wanted to end the bread. “
 “I was sitting in my car, and I knew it when I had an image of my mother finding me. She sacrificed so much for her children, and to end my life would be an incredibly selfish thing to do. »

How to get out of depression?
The first thing to do is to recognize that you are suffering from depression. As soon as it’s done, do not hesitate to talk about it with your family, your friends, a health professional to find comfort and strength.

  • Seek help from family and friends

When Halle thought of her mother and all the suffering she went through. Halle Berry has been saved. She did not want to commit suicide anymore. When you have depression, and want to end your life, think strongly about your family, your parents, your children. Think of the pain they will feel if you end your life. Halle Berry was saved thanks to the image of her mother.

  • Think positively to regain self-esteem.

Divorce provoked Halle’s lack of self-esteem.
Halle Berry states:

“That’s what the break-up of my marriage reduced me to. It took away my self-esteem. It beat me down to the lowest of lows. “

Nevertheless, she understood that she had to regain confidence in herself and in life. It’s not because a man or a woman leaves you, it’s the end of your life. After the rain, there is good weather. So, try to have positive ideas about your life and your future. A new love will knock on your door. So be positive.

” My sense of worth was so low. I had to reprogram myself to see the good in me. Because someone didn’t love me didn’t mean I was unlovable. I promise myself I would never be a coward again » Halle says.

  • Start a therapy with a health professional.

Fortunately, the actress did not commit the irreparable with her suicidal thoughts. Thanks to the positive thoughts of her mother, she decided to do a therapy to get out of it and regain self-confidence.

I know it sounds cliche, “she says,” but it really does not work for you. “

Therapy, counseling, family helped Halle Berry get out of the depression. So, if you are suffering from depression now. Do not fall back on yourself. Take care of yourself. Do some sports, meet people, travel, talk about your problems to your family. One day, the sun will shine for you. And this period of depression will be behind you. So keep confidence in life.


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