Orange eye makeup for Black Women

maquillage orange femme noire et métisse

Orange eye makeup for Black Women

Black women are beautiful with orange tones. Indeed, one observes a true harmony between the black skin and the orange tones. Since spring 2014, the orange color is becoming more and more trendy in our beauty routine.
Orange color symbolizes vitality, summer, energy and joy. In addition, there is a wide selection of orange shades. So we can indulge ourselves with tones peaches, corals, copper and dark orange. You just have to choose the right shade of orange that will illuminate our face.
Celebrities such as Solange Knowles, Lupita Nyang’o and Jennifer Hudson all succumbed to orange tones.
Some beauties tips.
 When choosing an orange eye shadow, it is best to choose a softer and discreet color for the lips. To draw attention to your gaze.
 If you choose an orange tone, the rest of the makeup should be discreet. If the eyes are too charged, it is not appropriate to pass a color so flashy in the mouth.
If you use blush. It should also moderate, not reddish or mark the face.
If you apply a little shade, do not overload the makeup. Prefer shades of brown or pearly skin. They are best to harmonize the visual and leave the look cool.
Avoid using tone on tone. That is to say the orange eyes and the mouth of the same color. If you want to pair the orange lipstick with orange eyeshadow, you have to play with the shades of orange.

Advantage of the orange color

  •  It is a color that matches all skin types. And, it’s easy to wear.
  •  Light tones or darker, the women are sublime in orange.
  •  Day and night, this color fits well and will be a real success.
  •  The color orange can be used at any time: during the day, at night, in winter and in summer, for parties and official events.
  •  Putting orange gives a little cheer and peps to your look or your outfit.

Image Tutorial

tutoriel-orange-et-eye-line 5f4c2a833ca0133975ac2fb2869bd3c0


Color wheels (to help you mix colors)
roue des couleurs
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maquillage orange


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 Do you like orange eye make up?

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