5 make-up problems related to black women


5 make-up problems related to black women

Many black women have difficulty finding the right make-up to enhance their skins. They have to deal with different beauty problems in their daily lives
As Mario Epanya says:

 “We don’t all make up all black women the same way. »



Very often, black women have uneven skin tone. They have dark foreheads and contours and lighter facial centres. So the main objective on a woman with black skin is to even out the complexion. It is a question of determining the colour towards which the skin tends, beige, red or blue.
.Even for mixed women, it is necessary to unify and adapt the foundation all the time, because in winter, they will be a little lighter in some places.
How to deal with this problem?
To overcome this problem, it is necessary to play with the foundation shades and unify to obtain a perfect result. A transition must be created between the dark parts of the complexion (on the forehead and perimeters) and the light parts in the centre.
It is also possible to improve the complexion with cosmetic products such as scrubs, masks, serums and creams. To make a new skin, we do a scrub, once or twice a week, to refine and purify the skin, remove excess sebum.
hen, a clay mask is applied to absorb all impurities (once or twice a week).


Many black women have difficulty finding the perfect color of their foundation due to the uneven colors of their faces. Some of them, to avoid making mistakes, refuse to wear make-up.
How to deal with this difficulty?
Make-up artist Mario Epanya uses the color of the jaw to find the right foundation color.
Golden rule: the right foundation colour must be close to the shades of your natural colour.

There are make-up brands like Iman, with a range of more than 60 skin tones to cover all black and mixed skin types.
For a beautiful uniform result, it is necessary to play on the mixtures by working the color under the eyes, the chin, by small touches, because it is out of the question to cover the whole bust with foundation.



Many black or mixed women have a problem with the color of their upper lip. One lighter and the other darker, so it’s not easy to apply lipstick properly.
According to the advice of make-up artist Véra Rocha/

To avoid colour contrasts, you must ensure that you balance the complexion of your lips with a pencil before applying your lipstick“.

First of all, don’t forget to moisturize your mouth well before using lipstick.
How to deal with this problem?
If your upper and lower lips don’t have exactly the same shade, you can use a correction pencil, whose color is similar to that of the skin, on the lighter lip. This will make it easier to apply a coloured lipstick.
You can also use a pencil of the same color as lipstick, apply it on both lips (and not just around the lips) to reduce the difference in pigmentation between the two.
For the lips too, a black woman can wear any color, but according to her complexion once again. Mario Epanya has a preference for fairly dark colours, sand tones also stand out well. Roses, orange, copper, corals also look good on them.


Black women often have a funny eyebrow line. This is a real problem and we often see disasters.
How to deal with this difficulty?
f your eyebrow has problems, then it is best to use a dark brown or black pencil to correct it. Avoid grey, brown or brown pencil. To soften the pencil line, spread it with your finger.


Black spot is an excess of sebum that fills the pores of the skin. Blackheads are almost exclusively present on the face, mainly on the nose.
How to deal with this problem?
First of all, you should never pierce your blackheads, otherwise you risk having scars that will not disappear.
The ideal way to get rid of these nasty blackheads in a sustainable way is obviously to take care of your face on a daily basis. To do this, it is recommended to do a gentle scrub once or twice a week, in order to eliminate all impurities.
In addition to scrubs, you can also offer your skin a green clay or egg white mask once or twice a week. Against blackheads, clay-based masks are particularly recommended, but also egg-white masks. You can also make a green clay mask with baking soda or tomato. To make one, it’s very simple since it’s enough to recover the white of a raw egg and then spread it in successive layers on his face while letting it dry. The mask is then removed with a clean, slightly damp and warm cloth (e. g. a washcloth)..
Another solution that works quite well is to do a skin sauna. To do this, simply boil water in a saucepan and place your face on top while placing a towel on your face. The steam will allow the pores to expand. After about ten minutes, the blackheads are gently removed with a tissue.
Don’t forget to eat well balanced. Avoid eating fat! (oil, mayo, red meat, chicken fat, chocolate)

In your case, what make-up problem did you encounter?


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