Joana Choumali: Ivorian photographer presents Resilientes


Joana Choumali: Ivorian photographer presents “Resilientes. “

Joana Choumali is a fine art photographer based in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Much of her work focuses on portraits, Africa, femininity and documentaries.
In this exhibition, she presents the series “Resilientes” at the hotel Onomo of Dakar (Senegal), within the exhibition “Woman Photographer”. In Huffington Post magazine, she explains that “Resilience is the ability to get back to the original shape after being folded, compressed or stretched. It’s the ability to recover easily in the face of adversity.”
Through her portraits of women, she portrays African women wearing their grandmother’s clothes as a way to connect with their ancestral past. It is the greatness of an Africa, which escapes morbid colonization.
In 2014, she participated in several exhibitions and won two main trophies:

  • Winner of the Prize POPCAP’14 Afrique 2014- «Hââbré, the last generation. “
  • LensCulture Emerging Talent Award 2014 Winner – “Hââbré, the latest generation. “

Naéma Assassi is a Real Estate Business Developer. Her family is from the center of the Ivory Coast (Akan). Naema grew up in a multi culrural family in between Abidjan, and Bonn (Germany) where she used to spend her childhood summers with Marianne, her german paternal grandmother. According to her, a modern African woman is the perfect synthesis of African tradition and the western culture. . "I went to the photo session with apprehension, I was nervous to be portrayed in a this traditional outfit i never wear. The clothes I was wearing belonged to my maternal grandmother. I used call her Nanou. " Naema was shocked and moved to see the results of the photo session, as she noted her strong resemblance to Nanou"

Anifa Amari calls herself an Ivorian-Beninese. She is Fon from her father tribe , and Yoruba from her mother. She is from Abomey and Porto Novo. Anifa , 33, :" i claim a certain ethnicity in choosing her outfits and accessories. Starting by my natural hair, that i proudly wear kinky.For the photo shoot, she opted for a traditional dress Benin, a boumba and a "Guele" cap. "The quality of the material used for making these outfits reflects the social rank of the wearer and determines the occasion in which they are worn. ". She said: "Thanks to the miracle of clothes, I feel in the present and in the past in the same time. I felt in balance, at the right was like a transposition "Resilients" me want to learn even more about my roots and those of others.

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