How to Tie a Head Scarf: Twisted Crown

Crown headwrap

How to Tie a Head Scarf: Twisted Crown 

Scarf has become a true art. This is the must-have accessory that you must have in your bag. Simple, practical, fun, it reveals with simplicity the beauty of the women who wear it. There’s a thousand and one ways to tie a scarf. It only remains for you to be creative and tie your scarf or turban, as you wish.
Today we will discover the style “the crown”, which means the crown. The scarf is tied and wound around the head to form a crown shape.

But what are the advantages of wearing a scarf or a turban?

  • The beauty and pleasure of wearing them. It’s simple, practical and fun to wear a scarf.
  • Camouflage a bad haircut. Your hair is in transition (nappy phenomenon) or make you the head. Go hop, you put on a scarf and you are the queen of fashionista.
  • Styling your look. Looking to bring a touch of originality to your outfit. Nothing simpler, you adorn your hair with a beautiful original scarf. And voila. Your look has definitely changed.
  • Protect her hair. You want to protect your hair from the sun or other outdoor event. You use your accessory.
  • Embellish yourself during cancer. You lost your hair because you have chemotherapy. You embellish your pace by tying a scarf on your head. It brings you relief and comfort, and gives you the strength to continue the fight without having to suffer the gaze of others.
  • For religious reasons. Depending on your faith and belief, you wear the scarf on a daily basis. Again, an example that demonstrates the usefulness of this accessory.
  • During your wedding or a particular event. Many African women use a scarf to adorn their hair during the traditional wedding. It is a true legacy and they are “gorgeous” with their scarf “frozen” on the head.

Simple video tutorial of a pretty miss
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