Headwrap : 8 beautiful black women in Twisted Crown headscarf


Headwrap : 8 beautiful black women in Twisted Crown headscarf.

Headwrap fashion is a must for women. In no time at all, this trendy fashion accessory changes and stylizes your look. It can be seen everywhere in the street, at the cinema, party or in a wedding..

But what is a headscarf?

Headscarf or turban is a piece of fabric tied around the head. It is available in many colours and patterns, fabrics and sizes. 

Simple and practical to wear, headcarf or turban brings a touch of originality to your outfit. What’s more, when it’s cold or too hot, it’s a great way to protect your hair. There are a thousand and one ways to tie the scarf. You just have to be creative to tie your scarf or turban the way you want.

In the case of black women, headscarf is the accessory that has survived through the centuries. In Africa and the Caribbean, it has been worn by women from generation to generation. African and mixed  women have wrapped their hair like their mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

Today we will discover the “twisted crown” style. The scarf is knotted and wrapped around the head to form a crown shape.

Why wear a headwrap or a turban?

  • To stylize your look.
  • To protect your hair from outside events.
  • To avoid styling during the day.
  • To camoufling a bad haircut.
  • To participate in a wedding or ceremony.
  • To celebrate your ancestral heritage.
  • For religious reasons.

Tutorial method: how to make a twisted crown?

Discover below these beautiful women with the woven crown style scarf.


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