How to Apply Eyeliner Correctly?

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How to Apply Eyeliner Correctly?

From the most extravagant stroke to the most classic stroke, eyeliner is an essential tool for metamorphosing your gaze. It allows to magnify and to give a blow of glare to your glance. But, there are different ways of posing eyeliner, it’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best.

Put the eyeliner step by step.

1. Keep your look in the mirror and choose your side.
2. Place the middle finger on its temple and pull the eye a little to stretch the lid.
3. With the other hand, draw a line with the eyeliner, from the outer corner to the inside, near the eyelashes.
4. Then return to the outer corner and finish according to the type of path you want.

Several ways to apply your eyeliner?

1 2
CLASSIC            /PIN UP INDIAN                       /SIMPLE
3 4
DRAMA                            /LUXURY FELINE                        /EGYPTIAN
5 6
BOLD                             /DAY GREEK                   /BASIC


  • Pin-up style: very common in the 50’s and 60’s. It is recommended for people with large eyes, because the stroke is thick and needs space between the eyebrows and eyelashes. It is also a style to favor for small eyes.
  • Indian style: it is perfect for people who have small eyes because it opens the look. To make this type of stroke, one can use a liquid or brush eyeliner.
  • Simple style: aims to open the look. There is a very thin line with the outer tip pulled up.
  • Drama style: the shape is drawn, then it is filled. It’s a dramatic style that reminds us of the singer Amy Winehouse. This is a style to choose for big eyes.
  • Luxury style: eyeliner + pencil. Pass the pencil at the bottom (waterline) towards the outer corner of the eye, which is the trace of eyeliner. Finally, use too much mascara. It’s a very rock style. This is a style to choose for big eyes.
  • Feline style: this gives a retro look with a light “kitten” more rounded at the outer corner of the eyes. It is a style to favor for small eyes.
  • Egyptian style: it is a magical style because it leaves the eyes with an air of mystery. It follows the straight line near the lower lashes and joins the upper part. He reminds us of Cleopatra’s magnificent look. This is a style to choose for big eyes.
  • Bold style: it is only done in the upper part of the eye, with the thicker line.
  • Day style: is discreet. It is the thinnest version of the “kitten”. It is a style to favor for small eyes.
  • Greek style: the external corner of the eyes is highlighted from top to bottom. This must be subtle, with a very thin line.
  • Basic style: the top line is similar to the Indian. The difference is in the bottom: the presentation is made of internal corner, alone in the middle of the eyes.

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