Green eye makeup for Black Women

Maquillage vert femme noire et métisse.

Green eye makeup for Black Women

If you dare not put colors on the eyes. Today we will see that we can have dark skin and be sublime with a flashy makeup. It’s true that when we are black or mixed, we do not have the chance to have many articles, which are devoted to us. In many countries, we are considered visible minorities. If you have dark skin and want to wear green eye makeup, this article will help you learn how to make the most of this style of makeup.
First, green is a cold color that symbolizes hope, nature and freedom. Many celebrities like Kerry Washington, Beyonce, Lupita Nyang’o, Christina Millian, Thandie Newton, Jada Pinkett Smith, Rihanna, among many other celebrities are fond of green eye shadow. There are many shades of green on the market. It’s up to you to choose the right color of green that will go to your complexion.

How to choose the right shade of green?

Clear skins
The general rule for using green eyeshadow is that people with light complexion should go for a lighter cold green (example celery green).
Matte skins
Matt or medium skins can wear cold green, but also warm green.
Dark skins
 On the other hand, those with medium or darker tones of skins should choose warmer and darker shades. (Emerald green example). Indeed, dark skins should choose greens with golden or yellow reflections, as they warm the complexion and stand out more on the dark skins.

Benefits of green color on the eyes

  • Adds color to your look.
  • Green tones can be used day or night.
  • It should not be forgotten that when the make-up of the eyes is accentuated, it is necessary to dose more lightly that of the mouth.
  • The colors are mainly used on the eyes, cheekbones and the lips.
  • On the other hand, in the evening, the makeup is not the same as that of the day. It can be much more intense.
  • Test regularly at home and find the right color of green marinating with the color and shape of your eyes.

Green makeup is made for whom?

Green is a color that suits everyone. The only point is to choose the right shade of green, which fits you.
We can wear green:

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Green makeup at the level of the eyelashes. Green makeup in smoked halo.

lupita maquillage vert

christina-milian-maquillage vert

naomi campbell maquillage vert

maquillage vert femme noire

maquillage vert femme métisse

maquillage vert peau noire

Do you like green eyeshadow?


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