Dogon tribe’s advanced astronomical knowledge | Sirius B Mystery

Originating from Mali, in West Africa, the Dogons are a people of cultivators and blacksmiths, who have marked the history for their cosmogony and their sculptures. Indeed, cosmogony incorporates astonishing astronomical facts that are unobservable to the naked eye. How can the Dogons be aware of these astronomical facts? How do the Dogons know about the existence of certain stars before they are detected by our famous telescopes, without a microscope and without knowing the superior mathematics? Of whom do they keep their knowledge?

Dogon tribe’s advanced astronomical knowledge | Sirius B Mystery

Dogon people

young dogon woman
Dogon - MaliThe Dogons are a people of Mali. They are estimated at about 700,000 inhabitants. They live in the Dogon Country area, which is located on the Bandiagara cliff in the southwest of the Niger loop. There are also Dogons in Côte d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso. Moreover, the Dogons are a people of farmers. They grow rice, sorghum, pearl millet, onion, tobacco, peanuts, etc. They also raise sheep, chickens or goats. It is also a people of blacksmiths.
Dogon people are well known for:

  • their funeral ceremonies
  • their colorful festivals
  • their dances and dancers
  • their famous carved masks
  • their sculptures
  • the architecture of their village
Danse rituelle par ferdinand reus les danses dogons
art dogon - statuette de femme young dogon woman Constructions dogon accrochées sur le flanc de la falaise de Bandiagara, Ireli, Mali

Astronomical Knowledge of the Dogons 

The Dogon cosmogony is a mystery for all scientists from all over the world. Without microscopes, telescopes, the Dogons have known many astronomical facts, simply with the naked eye such as:

  • The existence of the white dwarf Sirius B (Po-tolo in the Dogon language). Sirius B is important for the Dogons because it rhythms some of their ceremonies. The Dogons also claim that Sirius would be accompanied by two stars. They say they know a third Sirius C star (Emma Yo or Sorgo in the Dogon language) which they believe is perpendicular to Sirius B.
  • The four satellites of Jupiter.
  • The satellite of Venus Neith. They also say that Venus has a companion asteroid Toro, recently discovered between Earth and Venus.
  • The rings of Saturn.
  • The spherical shape of the Earth.
  • They divide the sky into 22 equal parts and 266 constellations.
  • The central position of the sun.
  • Earth spins around the Sun. That is, they say that the Universe rotates in a conical spiral and that it was created from a nucleus by the voice of AMMA their supreme God. For them, the Universe is infinite and measurable.
  • The stars are moving bodies.
  • The phases and craters of the Moon. Specifically, they knew that the Moon is a dead planet.
  • The spiral structure of the galaxies, close to the inner system of the stars of Orion, Sirius and Pleiades.

The Dogons have transmitted this knowledge orally from generation to generation through myths and legends. Their extraordinary knowledge of astronomy is a real mystery. For how and from whom did they have all this knowledge? How could they have been aware of all these facts without microscopes and telescopes? The Dogons are a very strong people who have marked the curiosity of all, following their extraordinary knowledge in Astronomy.

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