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Decorative colorful cushions | Bole Road Textiles is pleased to present Bole Road Textiles collection. Indeed, Bole Road Textiles is a home decorating company based in Brooklyn, which creates handmade textiles and ethical accessories for decoration. It was founded by Ethiopian interior architect Hana Getachew, who left Ethiopia as a child, returning several years later on vacation as a young adult for a true return to the roots.

She said in an interview:

 That journey back was a pivotal one. I knew I wanted to be more connected to Ethiopia. I wanted to be more involved in the lives of its people and to contribute to its development. I also wanted to harness the overwhelming beauty and power of my first homecoming. As the years passed, I decided the best way to do that was by sharing the traditions and culture of my heritage with others. »

What are specificities of textiles Bole Road? ?
Bole Road collection is a colorful, soft, richly colored textile. This collection draws inspiration from the natural and cultural landscapes of Ethiopia as well as its yellow, red and fuchsia colors of the peoples who live there.
Hana Getachew explains: “I am trying to make reference to traditional Ethiopian textiles and patterns in my creations, I like to be able to continue the tradition and represent my heritage by reinterpreting and imagining our” tibeb “(Amharic for woven pattern) in my piece. »
To create her products, Hana Getachew takes traditional models and modernizes them in various ways, including re-coloring for a more contemporary feeling, with the aim of creating a more lasting bond with the country of her birth.

Fair trade and valorisation of traditional know-how.
Bole Road collections are produced in Ethiopia and showcase traditional know-how handed down from generation to generation to current local artisans, with a modern global aesthetic. Hana is working with women’s weaving collectives and other small businesses in Ethiopia. Then the company uses Ethiopian cotton, which is harvested, seeded and spun by hand, and then woven by skilled local weavers and craftsmen who interpret its drawings using traditional means. They create pillows, curtains and tablecloths. Each pillow in the Bole Road collection has a name in Amharic, the language of Ethiopia, which shows respect for the past while anticipating the future.

To decorate Konso pillows, she was culturally inspired by the traditional dresses of local women, especially two-layer fluffy-flowered skirts or natural cotton with a colorful trim. She found this idea in a marketplace in southern Ethiopia.

Support to the local population in Ethiopia.
Hana’s Bole Road has also partnered with two non-profit organizations. Through its organizations, it provides quality education to every child and adult in Ethiopia. But in parallel, it is involved in the reforestation of the areas most damaged by the environment in Ethiopia.

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