Dawn Okoro – African American painter


Dawn Okoro
Dawn Okoro is an African American painter, born in 1980 in Houston, Texas. This is an artist who paints works of figurative art inspired by fashion, popular culture, his own experiences and feelings. 

Dawn Okoro – African American painterdawn-okoroportrait

Fashion photography, a true inspiration

His work is inspired by composition techniques similar to those used in fashion photography. That is to say, she uses acrylic, oil, collage, pencil it merges with very bright colors, photography, popular culture and feminism. All this gives a very modern and vibrant side to his works.

Paintings expressing pride, sensuality and feminism

Dawn Okoro is a complete artist, as she paints, draws and takes photographs. Since childhood, she was attracted to art. She preferred to rely on his natural gift. Dawn Okoro is drawn by the artist Andy Warhol. It’s one of his biggest influences. The carelessness of living and creating Warhol highly appealing to Dawn Okoro.

The fruit of his efforts paid off. Because it was exposed in the United States and internationally. For example, his work was exhibited at the RFA Gallery in Harlem, the Museum of Texas Southern University, Rice University and the Texas Biennial.

Dawn Okoro worked with many celebrities. For example, it worked with the Hollywood actress Shaun Robinson. She also collaborated with Erykah Badu. His art has been published in the pages of the magazine “Clam” in Paris. With a minimum of self-promotion, Dawn Okoro managed to sell several dozen paintings. And develop its address book, with collectors based in Dallas, New York and Los Angeles.

In addition to being talented, she has a well-filled head. Dawn Okoro graduated at the University of Texas at Austin. She holds a doctorate in law, Texas Southern university.

Photo credits : Dawn Okoro  

actionheroine-Dawn okoro Action Heroine is the preferred paint Dawn Okoro.
 frame - Dawn Okoro
 shaunrobinson-dawn okoro
 pickmeup-dawn okoro
women in igbo print dress-dawn okoro
Shine - Dawn Okoro
blackandyellow-dawn okoro
fearless-power-dawn okoro


drifting-dawn okoro
desertdress-dawn okoro

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