Coronavirus: with Covid-Organics, Madagascar has developed a drug to treat Covid-19 patients based on Artemisia

Coronavirus: with Covid-Organics, Madagascar has developed a drug to treat Covid-19 patients based on Artemisia

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, many people believe that traditional medicine should be turned to by intensifying research on traditional medicinal plants. The use of the traditional pharmacopoeia is essential these days.

Towards the end of March, the President of the Republic of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina, said that a drug had been discovered to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

“Today, I officially announce the success and the good results of the tests of our remedy. It gave a conclusive result on the patients of Covid-19. It can limit and lessen its effects on the human body. “Explains the President of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina.

Address to the Nation April 19, 2020

In fact, the Albert Rakoto-Ratsimamanga laboratory has developed a promising drug called CVO or Covid-Organics against Covid-19.


How is Covid-Organics made?

IMRA (Madagascan Institute for Applied Research) laboratory scientists made the drug Covid-Organics using molecules from artemisia, a plant grown in Madagascar to fight malaria. The cultivation of Artemisia is authorized by the Madagascan president, despite the reluctance of the WHO.

Artemisia is a plant grown and used in Madagascar, Africa and Asia. Covid-Organics helps build immunity to cope with the virus. CVO Covid Organics is packaged in three formats: bottled, herbal tea and decoction.


What is Artemisia?

Artemisia is an annual fern-like herb in the Asteraceae family, subfamily Asteroideae. It comes from the traditional Chinese pharmacopoeia to fight against malaria. Very branched, strongly aromatic, it can reach 1.6 m high (or even 3 m). It is a very powerful medicinal plant.

Artemisia has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. It was used to cure fever and head pain. In 2015, Youyou Tu became the first Nobel Prize winner in Chinese medicine for having demonstrated the effectiveness of a substance extracted from the plant, artemisinin, in anti-malarial treatments.

The two plants Artemisia annua and afra have been used in Traditional Medicine for centuries in China and Africa for the most vulnerable populations.

Patients in respiratory distress treated

In Madagascar, IMRA has been working for several weeks on an effective treatment. The researchers therefore relied on the results obtained with the Covid-Organics already used to fight against malaria.

According to President Rajoelina:

“The patients treated with Covid-Organics have been cured”.

“Patients in respiratory distress have been out of the woods and have already been discharged from the hospital. “

According to the latest report, 121 cases of contamination by Covid-19. 39 patients have taken Covid-Organics and are now cured and there have been no deaths.


April 20, 2020 launch of Covid-Organics in Madagascar

The president of Madgascar said that on April 20, 2020, the drug Covid-Organics will be launched on the island. He specifies that his remedy will be prescribed in the form of syrup “for all students to allow them to protect themselves against the pandemic”. It will be administered to students who will resume school on Wednesday, April 22. This medicine will be distributed free of charge in fokontany, schools and regions most affected by the coronavirus.

Recourse to the traditional pharmacopoeia

Since the announcement of the virus that paralyzes the whole world. Many researchers in developing countries are turning to herbal medicines to deal with the virus. Some people choose artemisia. Others focus on the benefits of ginger. Other scientists are closely studying the plants that treat malaria to cope with the virus.


Western countries interested in the remedy

During the official presentation of Covid-Organics, the President of the Republic of Madagascar stressed that:

“A good number of western countries are already interested in our remedy.”

According to the express:

 “International marketing therefore remains the best option to make the product profitable since free access is up to local distribution for consumers in need who make up the majority of the Malagasy population”

“The production and marketing of CVO is fully supported by the State, like the distribution of nivaquine or chloroquine at the time.


This Monday, April 20, the Covid-19 virus affects 2,424,419 confirmed cases and killed a total of 166,256 worldwide. No path to save lives should be overlooked. Researchers must continue to study all traditional plants such as artemisia which fight against malaria to use them to fight against this virus. A return to traditional medicine is important these days.


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