Cornrows Hairstyles For Men – Black Beauty

Tresses plaquées ou nattes africaines pour homme -cornrow man
Cornrows Hairstyles For Men – Black Beauty

Cornrows Hairstyles For Men – Black Beauty.

African braids are trend today in fashion shows, big events and celebrities. Whatever its color of skin, the ethnic style is all the rage among the stars.
They have 3 types of figures:

  • Cornrows braids with or without extension (3, 4 strands and more). It is possible to add beads at the end of the braids.
  • Cornrows braids ) (3 strands interlaced)
  • Twists (2 strands interlaced)

What is a cornrow braid?

Cornrow is a mat plated against the scalp. There are a multitude of designs and styles of plaited braids.
Unlike, the mat is the interlacing of strands of the scalp.

À la différence, la natte est l’entrelacement de brins du cuir chevelu.

Benefits of this hairstyle:

  • This hairstyle is unisex. It is suitable for men and women.
  • This style can be sported on short hair or long hair.
  • Suitable for all types of hair
  • Ultra sexy, stylish.
  • There are plenty of plaited plaits or plaits to make.
  • It is a timeless hairstyle.
  • The advantage is that it prevents you from manipulating your hair.
  • You can keep them between 1 and 2 months.
  • Covers and protects your hair from cold, wind or other external aggressions.

Trey Songz-tresses plaquées - cornrow hairstyle

Trey Songz

tresses plaquées homme noir et métisselemar-tresses plaquées ou nattes collées


tresses plaquées avec perles - hommeTresses plaquées ou nattes africaines pour homme -cornrow man

Omarion / R-kelly / Allen Iverson /Ludacris

tresses plaquées - cornrow

nattes collées - homme asiatique
basketball coiffure tresses plaquéesnattes-collées -omarion-cornrow

Lil Bow Wow

cornrow - tresses plaquées plusieurs stylestresses plaquées - nattes africainesnattes collées style coiffure enfanttresses plaquées -nattes collées - trey songz

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