Chains of ankle | Fashion accessory

Chains of ankle | Fashion accessory

Aesthetic, erotic and pretty to see, chains or anklets are fashion accessories very prized by women.

The origins of the ankle chains.

The origins of the ankle chains are very old. They go back to ancient Egypt. But, these jewels have several meanings, symbols or identity codes.

  • In India: aesthetic and beauty jewelry.

Traditionally, Indian women who were often barefooted matched and embellished their feet with ankle bracelets.
In Rajasthan, women wear this ornament in their traditional costume. Generally in money, they are symbols of belonging to the tribal community.
In Hindi and Panjābī, ankle bracelets are called jhangheer This They are worn by the woman on wedding day.

  • In Africa, ankle chains have different meanings:

In ancient Egypt: symbol of libertinism.
Ankle chains were in ancient Egypt a symbol of libertinism and prostitution.

  • Among the Peulhs and Wolofs: symbol of wealth and social status.

Ankle chains determine the marital or social status of the wearer. Indeed, it determines the wealth of the family to which one belongs. The more there are, the more rich you are.

  • At Les Sénoufos in Côte d’Ivoire: an object of beauty used every day.

Among the Senoufous, this jewel is worn during initiatory rites, funerals or certain festivals. It is made mostly of bronze, lost wax, brass.
In Ivory Coast, women use ankle bracelets as an object of beauty.
Bintou, an Ivorian saleswoman explains: “I sell chains on foot and kidney. This makes dressing and makes women look elegant. It is beautiful to see a woman with a chain at the foot, especially when she has feet slightly big. I assure you that this trade pays big, because I can have 15,000 or 25,000 FCFA per day. Guests come every day. “

  • In Burkina Faso or Congo: wedding gift.

When a young woman is going to get married, ankle bracelets are offered to her as a dowry.
For example, in the Congo, the bridegroom gives his future wife several pairs of bracelets to the feet (about 5) before he can discuss the marriage.

The manufacture of anklet bracelets.

Traditionally, they are made with gold, silver, shell, leather, terracotta in some areas. There are also other materials such as nylon, plastic, wool, pearl, stainless steel, stone, etc.

4 advantages of decorating his feet with chains at the ankles.

  • 1/They are aesthetic.
  • 2/These are erotic jewelry, very useful for seduction
  • 3/They are chic and sensual.

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