Black with blue eyes

 Have you ever seen black with blue eyes? Do you think this is a natural phenomenon or a genetic mutation? It is clear that many people are not used to seeing black with beautiful blue eyes. Many think this is the lenses. But you are wrong! They exist naturally blacks who are born with blue eyes. Who ? Or ? Why ? It is the mystery of life.   
Black with blue eyes 
When we imagine a person with blue eyes, many believe it is a person Caucasian. In the collective consciousness, it is generally thought that blacks do not have blue eyes because they usually have dark eyes. Others think it’s either of the lenses, is the result of miscegenation, a disease, etc. All this is very complex. 
In science
The color of the eyes of a child is to its own genetic material. The parents of many genes play in eye color of children. The iris is the colored part of the eye, pigmentation determines eye color. The color of human eyes generally depends on three genes brown, green and blue. But other colors exist, such as gray, hazel and multiple combinations, which are still unexplained.
Most babies are born with blue eyes. However, the blue color can be temporarily. Why ? Eyes can change color if the brown melanin pigment to develop strength they grow. Science shows us that eye color is a very complex phenomenon. Each parent has two pairs of genes on each chromosome. Its genes in some ways will determine the color of the child’s eyes.

In general, it is more likely that both parents with brown eyes have a child with blue eyes for two parents with blue eyes have a child with brown eyes. This is because the trait blue eyes usually less dominant.
In other cases, both parents with blue eyes are much less likely to have children with dark eyes. This is because the dark eyes are usually much more dominant genetic trait that, when present.
But because of the complexity of genetics, it happens that both parents have blue eyed child with brown eyes. Ethnicity has no effect on eye color. All this depends on the genes and chance.
In short, blue eyes are inherited as a recessive trait. That is to say, you must have the “gene for blue eyes” by both parents. But if your parents have both, black eyes. How is it possible that the black child has blue eyes? 

Scientific studies say?
According to scientists from the University of Copenhagen, a single mutation 6-10 000 years was responsible for all persons living with blue eyes on earth today. Published in the journal Human Genetics, the researchers identified a gene called OCA2 that arose around the Northwest coast of the Black Sea in a single individual, there are approximately 6 to 10 000 years.

Originally, we all have brown eyes,” said Professor Hans Eiberg from the University of Copenhagen, who led the team.»

Other researchers also say that, for example, in America, there are many blacks with European ancestry following colonization. Depending on the amount of European ancestry, it is possible that a black person has blue eyes.
Others speak of Waardenburg syndrome. Waardenburg syndrome is an extremely rare genetic disease that occurs on 1/270 000 births. People with the disease suffer from deafness (unilateral or bilateral) and abnormal pigmentation. For example, type I Waardenburg syndrome has a clinical association with at least 2 major criteria or at least one major criterion and 2 minor criteria.

  •  Major criteria are: dystopia canthorum, pigmentation abnormalities (white forelock, eyelashes, eyebrows and hair white, iris heterochromia, bicolor iris, sapphire blue coloration of the eyes), sensorineural deafness, a suggestive family history. (Source journal Clinical Genetics)
  • Minor criteria include: abnormal skin pigmentation depigmentation with beaches, synophris, a prominent nasal root, hypoplastic nasal flaring, premature graying of the hair. (Source journal Clinical Genetics)

This disease creates anomalies in the eye. They are available in three forms:

  • heterochromia (various colors)
  • Bilateral iso hypochromia (pale blue eyes)
  • Bilateral iso hypochromia (pale blue eyes)

Dutch scientists are working on ways to determine the color of the eyes of adults with DNA analysis. The DNA analysis is new way of understanding how genetics governs eye color. They say DNA will tell more than 90% if people have blue or brown eyes.
Anyway, all black with blue eyes do not suffer from the disease Waardenburg (very rare). Many black children with blue eyes hear and see very well. To me, I think the eye color and hair color are part of the genetic material and the mystery of life.                                                

 Examples Image black with blue eyes 

Quelques exemples en image des noirs aux yeux bleus 

African Boy Blue Eyes

An African boy with blue eyes. It is not a mulatto, an albino either.

It does not suffer either disease Waardenburg

Black Baby Boy With Blue Eyes

A black baby with blue eyes! So cute!

haitian girl with blue eyes

A Haitian girl with blue eyes

black with blue eyes 15

A black 15 year old boy with blue eyes

African With Waardenburg - noir aux yeux bleus

A black boy with blue eyes because of Waardenburg syndrome

boy with sapphire eyes 2

A Zimbabwe black boy with blue eyes. It is nicknamed “the boy with sapphire eyes” according to photographer Vanessa Bristow.

noir aux yeux bleus

A black boy with blue eyes Sierra Leone because of Waardenburg syndrome

noir aux yeux bleus - black girl blue eyes

 A black girl with blue eyes.

noir aux yeux bleus

A black child with blue eyes!


Laren Galloway black with blue eyes.

Laren Galloway - noir aux yeux bleus -black with blue eyes

A black child from Africa deaf blue eyes

african deaf blue eyes

A black child from Africa deaf blue eyes

noir aux yeux bleus

Black boy with blue eyes

noir aux yeux bleus- black with blue eyes

Black with blue eyes


Little black girl with blue eyes

noir aux yeux bleus 8

A black teenager with blue eyes.

noir aux yeux bleus

Black girl with blue eyes.

noirs aux yeux bleus

Black girl with blue eyes.

noir aux yeux bleus

Black teenager with blue eyes.


Larren Gallaway 

noir aux yeux bleus

Black girl with blue eyes.

vanessa williams

Vanessa Williams, black African American actress to bleus.Première eyes crowned Miss America.Elle starred in Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewife, etc.

Michael Ealy, American actor black with blue eyes. He played in Barbershop, Seven Pounds, Think like a man, etc.

Jesse_Williams_black with blue eyes

Jesse Williams, American black actor in the eyes bleus.Vous know in Grey’s Anatomy!

In conclusion, there are many black with blue eyes. The color blue eyes is related to genetic material. Black parents may well have a black child with blue eyes as genes. Blue eyes are not necessarily the source of miscegenation or following an illness. If you are black with blue eyes, can you tell us the color of the eyes of your parents. Feel free to leave comments !


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