Black people with natural blonde hair – Melanesian population

27_20130415082414_2541374_mediumHave you ever seen black people with natural blond hair? Do you know the Melanesians and the blacks of Solomon Island? Hair of gold, dark skin, takes you to the discovery of the magical genes and the Melanesian people of Australia. This people has a rare peculiarity. The inhabitants have dark skin and blond hair 100% gold. Many scientists were very intrigued by this discovery. Many are still wondering how is it possible that blacks can be born with natural blond hair? Many attributed blond hair to people of Caucasian type. But, genetics is so mysterious that everything is possible. 

Black people with natural blonde hair – Melanesian population

Black people with blond hair. Who are they ? Where do they come from ?

Welcome my friends to the Melanesian people in northeastern Australia. From the western Pacific Ocean to the Arafura Sea and east of Fiji, Melanesia is a subregion of Oceania. The islands of Melanesia are Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and New Caledonia. The Melanesians are a people originating from people living in the Solomon Islands. Very famous for their beautiful dark skins and blond hair with the colors of gold. With over 342,000 people, the Solomon Islands are negroid and australoid. Most live in rural areas (91%) compared with 9% in urban areas.
One hypothesis said that the origins of the blond hair of the blacks of Solomon Island came from sun- and salt-water whitening, fish-rich intake, or a European or American heritage. But, a new scientific study by Sean Myles will contradict all these assumptions.

Black-haired family of blond hair – Melanesian people


Many scientists could not figure out how is it possible that there are black people with blond hair. Some people thought it was a genetic heritage from Europeans or Americans. But a man, a geneticist, Sean Myles from Nova Scotia Agricultural College in Truro, Canada, is going to erase all these assumptions.
Indeed, as we said before, many scientists thought that their blond hair came from salt water, from the sun, and from the fact that they ate a lot of fish. Then they added that they surely must have a European heritage.
To clarify all of this, Sean Myles, with his entire team, collected saliva and hair samples from 1209 residents of Solomon Island. They compared their genetic characteristics. In all, they compared 43 blond islanders and 42 brown islanders. What was the discovery? They discovered that there were different versions of an essential gene. That is to say for that which coded for a protein in the pigmentation. More clearly, the blondes of Salomon Island carry two copies of a mutant gene, which is present in 26% of the island’s population. Children of blond hair inherit directly from their parents. It is a recessive gene.
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Melanesians population have a native gene called TYRP1 which has an essential role in the pathway of biosynthesis and melanin. This variant is totally distinct from Europeans. It has nothing to do with what causes blond hair in Europeans and does not even exist in European genetics. So the hypothesis where the blonde hair of the Solomonian blacks is not at all related to the Europeans. This gene makes textures, hair and types totally unique and beautiful.
So how do the Melanesians have blond hair?
Jonathan Friedlaender  (Emeritus anthropology of Temple University in Philadelphia) replied:

 All this area seems to have been populated by very small groups of people making it through these springboard islands, so you do have very dramatic effects in fluctuations in gene frequency

For him, the mutation drifted to a high frequency, as the original population of Solomon Island was very small.
Pour lui, la mutation a dérivé vers une fréquence élevée, car la population d’origine de l’île Salomon était très petite.

Black with blond hair

Black with blond hair

Black with blond hair


Blqck with blond hair - Salomon

Teagan at Hom peka Island, Solomon Islands

Black with blond hair

Les noirs aux cheveux blonds - black with blond hairs
SOLOMON ISLANDS. Melanesian boyfriends wearing light blue shirts

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