African Tribal Makeup – Africa Beauty Inspiration

African Tribal Makeup – Africa Beauty Inspiration

Tribal makeup is synonymous with beauty for many African people. It defines both an art, and it demonstrates the social belonging of a person.
Some people start with a basic tribal painting or tattoo and as they rise in society. They add many symbols to match their rank and achievements. Thus, tribal art differs according to the rank of a person in society. The higher your rank, the more complicated your makeup will be. Tribal makeup is in the form of paint or clay with different hues using plants and dried flowers.

What are different meanings of this art of beauty?

  • 1 / It can mean hunting, religious and traditional reasons, military purposes or scare an enemy.
  • 2 / It also functions as social markers, distinguishing boys from men, younger men from older men, men from women and members of the alien tribe.
  • 3 / It also indicates the status and they convey a strong cultural meaning.

And the colors, what are their meanings?

  • Black = power, evil, death and mystery.
  • Gray = security, authority, maturity and stability.
  • Purple = royalty, luxury, wisdom and passion.
  • Yellow = joy, energy and warmth.
  • Red = danger, daring, urgency and energy.
  • Blue = peace, calm, trust and affection.
  • Green = life, growth, freshness and healing.
  • White = hope, purity and light.

An internationalized makeup
Many women around the world do tribal makeup to celebrate the beauty and legacy of their ancestors. They thus honor the beauty of African culture.

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