African Threading | African hairstyle natural hair

African Threading | African hairstyle natural hair.

African threading is a traditional hairstyle, which has existed since the dawn of time in Africa. This hairstyle was worn by our mothers and great-grandmothers. This hairstyle method consists of wrapping a black thread around the hair strands from the roots to the tips. Once shunned, since the nappy era, this hairstyle has become fashionable and trendy again.

But this method of hairdressing has undeniable advantages and disadvantages..

What are the advantages of African threading?

  • Protective and aesthetic hairstyle.
  • Ideal for growing hair.
  • A method of stretching hair without heat.
  • Helps to combat shrinkage, which reduces the length of the hair.
  • Very useful for detangling and styling hair more easily.
  • Pre-stress routine. If you plan to braid your hair, the day before, braid your hair with a wire to make it softer and more manageable.

On the other hand, what are their drawbacks?

The braiding technique, if not done carefully, can break the hair if it is too tight. All this can lead to alopecia.

The appearance of pimples and patches on the scalp is also observed.

Lack of moisture in the hair can cause dryness of the scalp.

Any advice on how to overcome these problems?

  • 1/ Avoid braiding your hair too tightly at the roots when braiding with a wire.
  • 2/ Moisturize your hair well before wrapping it with the thread to avoid dryness of the scalp.
  • 2/ Do them at least twice a month.
  • 3/ Avoid starting the braids on the front of the face to avoid weakening the temple.

How to make thread braids?


  • Tail comb (to trace sections on your head)
  • Wide-tooth comb (to detangle hair)
  • Moisturiser
  • Nylon thread or a spool of thread (preferably a strong one).

How to proceed?

  • 1/ Wash your hair well.
  • 2/ As soon as you get out of the shampoo, start braiding your hair with a wet yarn.
  • 3/ Take a good metre of thread, double it up and tie a knot at the end. Prepare several strands on the side.
  • 4/ Section your hair. Apply a cream before untangling it with your wide-tooth comb.
  • 5/ Wrap the thread around the damp hair strand from the root to the tip.
  • 6/ Tie a knot at the end.

Picture tutorial.

Video tutorial.


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