African Solidarity: Madagascar gives Covid Organics remedy with artemesia for free to 15 African countries

African Solidarity: Madagascar gives Covid Organics remedy with artemesia for free to 15 African countries

Africa is on the move. And solidarity reigns between African countries during this health crisis due to the coronavirus. Because the goal is to save millions of lives.

But how did it all go?

Towards the end of March 2020, the President of the Republic of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina, said that a drug had been discovered to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

 « Today, I officially announce the success and the good results of the tests of our remedy. It gave a conclusive result on the patients of Covid-19. It can limit and lessen its effects on the human body..» Explains the President of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina

Address to the Nation April 19, 2020

IMRA (Madagascan Institute for Applied Research) laboratory scientists made a promising drug called CVO or Covid-Organics against Covid-19, using the molecules of artemisia, a plant cultivated in Madagascar to fight against malaria. The cultivation of Artemisia is authorized by the Madagascan president, despite the reluctance of the WHO.

What is artemesia?

Artemisia is an annual fern-like herb in the Asteraceae family, subfamily Asteroideae. It comes from the traditional Chinese pharmacopoeia to fight against malaria. Very branched, strongly aromatic, it can reach 1.6 m high (or even 3 m). It is a very powerful medicinal plant. It is cultivated and used in Madagascar, Africa and Asia.

Two plants Artemisia annua and Afra have been used in Traditional Medicine for centuries in China and Africa for the most vulnerable populations.

Composed of Artemisia, the CVO Covid-Organics helps boost immunity to cope with the virus. The drug is packaged in three formats: bottled, herbal tea and decoction.

Promising results

According to President Rajoelina:

 « The patients treated with Covid-Organics have been cured ».

 « Patients in respiratory distress have been saved and have already been discharged from the hospital. »

According to the latest assessment, 121 cases of contamination by Covid-19 have been identified in Madagascar. 39 patients have taken Covid-Organics and are now cured and there have been no deaths.

Since April 22, 2020, students have already returned to school. To better protect them, this medicine has been distributed free of charge in fokontany, schools and regions most affected by the virus.

African solidarity is on the move

The President of Madagascar stressed the importance of African solidarity to fight against this global pandemic.

Madagascar and its African brothers are united in the response to the Coronavirus. It is with honor that we send these CVO herbal teas to the 15 member countries of ECOWAS through Guinea-Bissau.

 « All of our Madagascan scientists and researchers have devoted themselves to finding a cure for the coronavirus, we have mainly focused on the exploitation of medicinal plants. Today we have in our hands a simple, natural, effective solution to fight this pandemic, which is the tambavy Covid-Organics. »

« For the development of this remedy, we drew on the best of our traditions and used the techniques of so-called conventional medicine. All tests of this remedy have been conducted, its effectiveness has been found. The state of health of the Madagascan patients of COVID-19, treated with Covid-Organics, showed a marked improvement after 7 days, but above all a total recovery after 10 days. »

The Madagascan President

In these difficult times, when the whole world is at a standstill. It’s nice to see a gesture of solidarity between African countries. Where some countries have charged for the drug. Madagascar has decided to make free donations to African countries. Frankly, God is great. Little by little, donations from Covid-organics are arriving on the African continent.

On April 30, about fifteen heads of state from Africa met by videoconference at the initiative of the Madagascan president to fight against the coronavirus. President Umaro Sissoco Embalo of Guinea-Bissau will be responsible for the distribution and delivery of Covid-Organics in the Cédéao area.


Equatorial Guinea.

Equatorial Guinea had received aid from the President of Madagascar, with a cargo of 11,500 doses. There were 10,000 doses of preventive treatments and 1,500 doses of curative treatments.


Guinea-Bissau has received a shipment of the traditional remedy. This initiative is due to exchanges between President Umaro Sissoco Embalo and President Andry Rajoelina.

A delegation led by General Sandji Fati recovered donations from the Malagasy state, but also from the 15 African countries that are members of ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States). They recovered 118 cartons of Tambavy CVO, with 5,250 curative doses and 10,800 preventive doses will be distributed to hospitals in these 15 countries.

Congo Brazzaville

To cope with the coronavirus, Congo Brazzaville adopts the traditional covid-organics drug.

According to the report, the Congo has recorded 229 cases of COVID-19 infection, including 9 fatalities and 25 healings. During a working session by videoconference with the Madagascan presidents Andry Rajoelina and Umaro Sissoco Embalo of Guinea-Bissau, the Congolese president Denis Sassou Nguesso said he was in favor of accepting the drug in this country. The situation is serious. The goal is to save lives.

The other countries that will receive CVO Covid-organics are Côte d’Ivoire, Benin, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Togo, Niger, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Cape Verde, Senegal and Guinea Bissau.

« This is a victory for Madagascar, a victory that we are putting at the service and at the disposal of all the patients of COVID-19, of all the Malagasy people, graciously of all the patients in Africa “. “It is in the test that one recognizes one’s true friends. This is how I renew our support and our will to help any friendly country, in Africa, in the Indian Ocean and in the world. My dear friends, my dear brothers, Madagascar is at your side in this fight. Our priority is the same: to protect and save as many lives as possible on the African continent in order to offer our people the guarantee of a new tomorrow. ” “There will be life after this pandemic, and our actions today will determine this adventure and, most importantly, end our war against this coronavirus. We hope for a future we want prosperous for Africa. Let’s act strategically today to change tomorrow’s destiny for Africa and Madagascar in the name of African pride. I am sure that together, with our combined efforts, we will defeat this pandemic with all the strength of the continent..”

It’s time for African solidarity and African awakening. We can make a difference in the global fight against the coronavirus. Long live African friendship, long life in Madagascar and Africa. May health be your traveling companion and may God bless you ».

Le Président malgache.


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