African designer Mike Sylla

Mike Sylla is an African designer like no other. leather suede vintage lovers and it takes you on a trip in a collection that mixes modernity and Africanism. His collection is for women of character, elegant, modern and rebels, who are in their bodies and in their heads.
African designer Mike Sylla

Myke sylla style designer senegalaisWho is Mike Sylla?

Mike Sylla is a Senegalese designer stylist, who has been designated for many designers. They work as costume designer for many choreographers. For over twenty years, he works tirelessly and is required in the hard world of fashion.

What are his inspirations?

Through its collection, we can say that Mike Sylla is a lover of leather and suede. He revisits to perfection these materials, and personalized by senior clothes in color. Furthermore, it is inspired by the female character of the years 60-70, retro shapes that combine with painted decorations.

How develops Mike Sylla?

His creations are called Baïfall Dream. Then he sets up a collective of artist Baïfall Drean and The Human Tribe. His brand is a success. The Baïfall Dream coat is the most successful of its collection.
Mike Sylla is not a designer like no other. They mix genres. It merges the trend neo-cultural Afro-pop-art with more modern trends.
Feel free to visit his collection on its official website 

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