African braids with beads or cowry shells | Black Beauty

African braids with beads or cowry shells | Black Beauty

African braids adorned with beads become a fashionable style. So, if you want to sparkle your hair. You can decorate your hair with beads or cowry shells for hair. These hair jewelry brings an elegant touch to a simple or more sophisticated hairstyle.
This hairstyle has existed for a long time in Africa. Then, it was popularized in the 80s by the singer Patrice Rushen. Celebrities like Alicia Keys, Solange Knowles are also known for wearing braid styles with African pearls.
The benefits of this hairstyle.

  • It is a delirious and original hairstyle idea.
  • Ideal for a wedding, an evening or to change a few heads.

How to add beads on braids?
You will definitely want to buy pearls. You can find one at any Afro store or beauty shop.
Buy wooden or plastic beads with a hole large enough to fit the braid.
A small plastic tool usually offered with pearls or a modified hairpin.
Small elastic rubber or silicone.
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  • 1 / To put pearls on the end of a braid, nothing more simple, take a hair clip or a pin, prick it in the braid and then thread the pearls on the pliers.
  • 2 / To hold the beads, return the dots on the last bead and tie them with a small elastic.
  • 3 / There are even easier, the beads to clip. To do this, take a thin strand of hair, slip it into a pearl and voila.

How to add shells on braids?
For shellfish, you can use cowry. It is a shell that can be used as a pearl. It must be put on the ends of braids, mats, twists or locks. And, they will give a natural touch to your hairstyles. Use an elastic to keep the cowries.

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