5 ways to use lemon on hair


5 ways to use lemon on hair

Do you know benefits of lemon for hair? Do you know, that lemon helps increase hair growth?

1) Nutrients ideal for hair growth

Lemon is:

  • Rich in vitamin C
    Rich in citric acid
    Rich in calcium and magnesium
    Rich in pectin and flavonoids

First of all, vitamin C promotes hair development and makes it strong. In addition, lemon contains a limonene compound that gives shine to dry, frizzy hair. Also, lemon has pH = 2, which is an acid. When you rub lemon on the scalp, the acidity in lemon helps fight dandruff because it increases blood flow and repairs hair follicles.
Lemon can be very effective in fighting dandruff, hair loss, scalp irritation and oily hair. Drinking or sipping lemon juice not only helps you be healthy, but promotes hair growth.

Les vertus du citron

2) Have beautiful and shiny hair
Lemon can be used in your hair routine. It is effective for having beautiful shiny and shiny hair.
But how do we do it?
Material: water + lemon juice
_Water + lemon juice

  • 1) Buy lemon.
    2) Mix the lemon with a little water.
    3) Rinse your hair with a little water added to the lemon juice.
    4) Lemon juice will give shine and perfume your hair.

Rincer le jus de citron et le revitalisant dans la douche shampooing et conditionner vos cheveux comme vous le feriez normalement.-Use-Lemon-Juice-to-Lighten-Hair-Step-9

_Wine vinegar + lemon juice

  • 1) Prepare a liter of water.
    2) Mix the lemon juice with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.
    3) Apply it during your last rinse water.
    4) When the hair is dry, the smell of vinegar will disappear.

_Henna, lemon and egg yolk

  • 1) Apply a mixture of henna, lemon and egg yolk to your hair.
    2) Leave to dry for about two hours.
    3) Then rinse and clean properly with lukewarm water.

To prevent hair loss:

  • 1) Mix a citrus juice (lemon, orange, etc.) with coconut water.
    2) Apply to the hair for 20 minutes.
    3) Rinse properly.

Reminder: lemon is a citrus juice, which is very acidic. When using citrus juices, it is absolutely necessary to dilute the juice, so that the skin is not burning or itching.


3) Lighten hair naturally
f you are looking for a natural way to lighten your hair without harmful chemicals, you can use lemon juice. Lemon is a natural, inexpensive product that will gradually lighten your hair, revitalize it, even if your roots are growing.
What are the ingredients ?
For normal hair: 1 cup lemon juice (4 lemons)
For dry hair: 1 cup lemon juice (4 lemons) + 1/4 cup hair conditioner

How to proceed ?
_Method 1: lighten normal hair.

  • 1) In a cup, mix the lemon juice and hot water.
    2) Spray the lemon juice + hot water mixture on your hair. (preferably unwashed hair)
    3) Sit in the sun for 1 to 2 hours.
    4) Take a shower, clean your hair with a conditioner. Because, the citric acid of the lemon is very dry.
    5) Repeat this process until your hair takes the color you want. Spray the lemon juice more than 3 times if necessary.
Mélanger le jus de citron et l'eau chaude ensemble dans une tasse à mesurer-Use-Lemon-Juice-to-Lighten-Hair-Step-1-Version-2 Vaporisez le mélange sur vos cheveux jusqu'à ce que vos cheveux sont humide.-Use-Lemon-Juice-to-Lighten-Hair-Step-2-Version-2
1. 2.
Asseyez-vous au soleil pendant 1 à 2 heures. -Use-Lemon-Juice-to-Lighten-Hair-Step-3-Version-2 Prenez une douche et appliquer un revitalisant en profondeur à vos cheveux.-Use-Lemon-Juice-to-Lighten-Hair-Step-4-Version-2
3. 4

_ Method 2: lighten dry hair.

  • 1) Combine lemon juice and hair conditioner in a small bowl.
    2) Rub the preparation on your hair with your hands. Then use a wide-tooth comb to comb the lemon juice and conditioner.
    3) For 1 to 2 hours, sit in the sun.
    4) Rinse the lemon juice and the conditioner.
    5) It’s over, your hair is lightened.
Mélanger le jus de citron et le climatiseur dans un petit bol-Use-Lemon-Juice-to-Lighten-Hair-Step-6-Version-2 Placez une serviette autour de vos épaules.-Use-Lemon-Juice-to-Lighten-Hair-Step-7-Version-2
1. 2.
Asseyez-vous dans le soleil pendant 1 à 2 heures-Use-Lemon-Juice-to-Lighten-Hair-Step-8-Version-2
3. 4.

4) Treat dull or oily hair
If you suffer from dull and oily hair, you can use lemon to take care of the hair. During your last rinse, use lemon juice added with water. This helps to tighten the scales and remove lime.
For dull hair

  • 1) Boil 1/2 liter of water + lemon juice and 2 teaspoons of olive oil in a saucepan.
    2) Let cool.
    3) Then apply it on your hair.
    4) Wrap your hair with a towel and let it sit for 20 minutes.
    5) Rinse properly with cold water.

For very damaged hair:

  • 1) Mix 4 spoons of olive oil, with honey and lemon juice.
    2) Apply this mixture on your hair.
    3) Wrap your hair with a hot towel for 10 minutes.
    4) Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
    5) Then add your shampoo.

5) Get rid of dandruff and scalp irritations
Lemon is very handy and useful for getting rid of dandruff and calming the scalp. When rubbed on the scalp, it fights against harmful deposits on our hair. It takes care of the hair and makes it strong.
Method: do this once a week to avoid hair breakage. Remember that everything should be done in moderation. Too much excess is dangerous for health. Make sure you are not allergic to lemon. (if in doubt, seek the advice of a doctor).

  • 1) Massage lemon slices directly onto the scalp to eliminate dandruff.
    2) Mix a cup of water with lemon juice and apply to your hair, as a final rinse. It is very convenient to get rid of dandruff.
    3) Massage coconut oil + olive oil + honey + lemon juice on your hair to fight dandruff and heal the scalp. Leave it for about 15 or 20 minutes and rinse.
    4) Mix apple cider vinegar (1 tsp.) And lemon juice (2 tsp.). No need to heat up. Apply to the scalp with a cotton ball. This will help you get rid of dandruff.

Are you used to using lemon in your hair routine?

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